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Light Up that Fire Pit for July 4th Fun, But Be Safe!

Posted on: June 30, 2015

You may be considering building up that backyard fire this Fourth, and why not? They add a great ambience to your outdoor bash (and the opportunity for hot dogs and s’mores!). And while you may not need the heat on a balmy July evening, the warm glow of a fire certainly adds some flair to your get-together.

Aside from the fun, we know that 4th of July is the number one holiday for fireworks accidents, but what about other burns?  Fire safety is really very important when working with your outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Nothing says “Party’s over” like second-degree burns!

Considerations for 4th of July Fire Pit Safety

With a few simple prep tips, you’ll find that fire safety really takes care of itself. Like most things, it’s all about being ready and avoiding risk. Consider these when handling your outdoor fireplace/fire pit:

  • Proper fuel source. Using aged or treated firewood is always the best option. It may be tempting to use the first wood you find from your garage, but newer wood causes those ‘pops’ that can send sparks into the eyes of an unwary bystander.
  • Avoid fire starting fluids. Some kerosene may save you a few annoying minutes of ‘traditional’ fire starting, sure. But it’s really just adding unnecessary risk. We aren’t saying things will go wrong if you use lighting fluid, we’re just saying it can. And considering the danger involved, it’s really best to just go with the safest method.
  • Consider your positioning. If you’re planning on using portable fire pits, take caution in where you set the fire up. Be sure to place the pit somewhere level, with no potentially dangerous uneven ground, and take nearby foliage into account. If those Azaleas are at risk of spontaneous combustion, move the pit!
  • Emergency dousing materials. Have two buckets per fire set, one filled with sand and the other with water. The sand is for outdoor fireplace/fire pit emergencies, the water is for people emergencies. Sand will put out a fire safely and quickly, given enough quantity, and removes the danger of steam burns that water creates.
  • Watch your children. Children, pets and adults with a particular penchant for being rowdy should all be policed a bit. There’s a difference between spoiling fun and avoiding accidents, so laying out some ground rules for behavior around the outdoor fireplace/fire pit is a wise move.
  • Take care around smoldering fires. Even once the evening dies down, and the fires have been left to go out, be careful! That fire may look down for the count, but coals and ash remain extremely hot for long after the flames are gone.

Fire Pit Installation in Maryland

The 4th of July isn’t the only time you can have a great time with your fire pit. Perfect for parties or just roasting a few marshmallows, fire pits are the essential add-on to prefect your backyard. At Four Seasons, we have many material options for your outdoor fireplace or fire pit, including:

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