Artificial Grass for Outdoor Living Spaces


If you want a beautiful outdoor living space that is low-maintenance and will look great for many long years, you may want to consider artificial grass! It can be used for a variety of applications and offers a large number of benefits. For more information on synthetic grass, call Four Seasons in Maryland today!

Artificial Grass Applications

You can install artificial grass in several different places, since it is functional in a variety of ways, including:

No matter where you install artificial grass, it will enhance the appearance and functionality of your outdoor living area. Say goodbye to the dog tearing up your yard, mowing the lawn and having to walk through soaking wet grass to get to your pool after it rains. When it comes to the advantages of synthetic grass, that’s just the beginning!

Benefits of Artificial Grass

In addition to looking bright and beautiful all the time, artificial grass offers additional benefits. Some of the many advantages of installing backyard artificial turf in your outdoor living space include:

Durability – synthetic turf looks good for years and years, no matter how many times it gets rained and snowed on or played on by the kids or the dog!

Low-maintenance – You don’t have to do much to keep artificial grass looking fantastic! If you have it on your patio or deck, a good sweeping should suffice.

Customizability – artificial grass can be made into any shape you want!

Water-resistance – artificial grass dries extremely quickly, so even right after it rains your kids (and dog!) can play outside without getting soaked.

Hypoallergenic characteristics – if allergies cause your kids to sneeze, cough and rub their eyes whenever they play outside, you’ll love artificial turf!

For more information on turf for your yard in Maryland or if you’re interested in installing it, contact us today! We actually have an artificial turf division, Capitol Turf Pros.

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