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4 Ways to De-Ice Your Driveway

Posted on: January 3, 2018

Lately, temperatures have been dipping severely, and you might be worried about having an icy driveway. Want to know how to remove ice, snow, and sleet safely and in a way that won’t damage your driveway? Four Seasons Landscaping can give you four great ways to get the job done right!

Dealing with a damaged driveway this winter season? Contact the experts at Four Seasons Landscaping in Montgomery County to find out how we can set you up with a perfect replacement.

Safe & Easy Methods of De-Icing

Your first thought may go to the old standby and faithful favorite of your city or town: salt. While it’s true that salt does lower the freezing temperature of water and thus prevents freezing, standard road salts can damage your driveway and walkways. These chemicals naturally erode pavers and similar materials, and they can lead to refreezing as the salt washes way, which can cause cracking.

Looking for a better solution? Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Shovel. The most backbreaking option on our list, shoveling is exhausting but effective. Accumulation of snow not only compounds into ice over time, but the snow can also hide dangerous patches of ice underneath. Keep the driveway area clear with a sturdy plastic snow shovel and a snow blower.
  • Try chemicals. So, standard rock salt’s out. What else does that leave? Quite a lot, actually! Both calcium chloride (pickling salt) and magnesium chloride are very effective deicers. They’re also fairly cost-efficient, concrete safe, and safe around your grass and plants. All in all, this is probably your best option overall—especially when used proactively.
  • Use alcohol. Though not necessarily the most practical (or most effective compared to other options on this list), it’s interesting to know that 70% or higher rubbing alcohol can serve fairly well as a deicer due to its considerable freezing point temperature. We wouldn’t recommend this for blizzard scenarios, but it can work fairly well as a small spot deicer in a spray bottle or for the windshield of your car.
  • Install driveway heating. There’s no doubt that installing a radiating heat pad system in your new driveway is on the costly side. However, it can be an absolute savior in snowy weather. Imagine never having to shovel, never dealing with ice, and never having to dig your car out of three feet of snow. Worth it? We think so.

Driveway & Walkway Services in Montgomery County, Maryland

Whether you’re tired of your current driveway, looking for something new, or feeling like your old and cracked drive could use a replacement, Four Seasons can help you get the best. We’re leaders in hardscaping and design-build services in Maryland, and we have been for years.

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