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5 Things to Know Before You Build that Retaining Wall!

Posted on: August 7, 2016

So, you have the perfect landscape and all you need now is the perfect retaining wall. Seems simple, right? Just stack some bricks on top of each other? Wrong! There is a lot of planning that should go into building a retaining wall, or else it may collapse or break. 

Four Seasons offers a wide variety of services, both in soft and hardscape. And for those specifically interested in hardscaping, we always suggest retaining walls. These features perform a great function, true, but they also can do a lot for typing together and highlighting your landscape. But before you get started with your retaining wall installation, there are some important factors that should be taken into account.

Five Things to Know Before Your Retaining Wall Installation

  1. Retaining walls are every bit as versatile as you want them to be. By this we mean you have full freedom to think outside of (or inside of, as you prefer) the box. Straight walls, curved walls, a  combination of the two, or something entirely different. Don’t be limited, and be sure you’re getting the wall you want!
  2. Know your objective. Have a good idea of what exactly you want your retaining wall for. Some choose a retaining wall specifically for soil and runoff management. But just as many Maryland homeowners choose them for aesthetic or privacy reasons. The purpose will help dictate the structure, so keep that in mind.
  3. Materials are extremely varied. Retaining walls come in a huge variety of materials, and it’s a good idea to know your options. Brick, pavers, natural stone like flagstone, and so many more are available. You might not know exactly what material you want most, and working can help you nail that down. But it is wise to have a “vision” or ideal aesthetic to aim for. The more information you have on your ideal retaining wall, the more likely we are to provide exactly that.
  4. The height of your wall matters. The height of your wall factors into both the function of your wall, and the overall practical logistics. If you’re looking for a retaining wall that exceeds 41/2 feet, a permit is necessary in the state of Maryland, for example.
  5. Who will be building your wall. Because of our dedication to perfection and exemplary history with our patrons, we would hope you choose Four Seasons Landscaping for your retaining wall installation! But no matter who you choose, we want you to choose someone you can trust. To build a retaining wall requires licensing and experience, and being sure you’re working with a reputable team is critically important.

Retaining Wall Installation in Maryland with Four Seasons Landscaping

Your dream landscape in Maryland isn’t made up of any one, single feature. It’s a compilation of all of your wants, needs, and interests all rolled into one. And the result is a gorgeous, fully-realized landscape that perfectly embodies your personal tastes. Our patrons come to Four Seasons Landscaping to find the best in services, products, and design in our area!

Ready to build a wall that meshes perfectly with your ideal landscape design? No matter your need, small or large; aesthetics or function, our team can provide you with the best! To learn more about our retaining wall installation services, contact our certified team today!

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