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5 Tips for Landscaping Any Yard in Montgomery County

Posted on: July 12, 2017

landscaping in MOntgomery COunty, MD with flowers a garden and waterfall and patio

Landscaping in Montgomery County, MD can be a pure joy in any home type, whether you’re aiming for pure aesthetic appeal, functionality, or both. But no matter what type of landscape you have and what your plans may be, every great design begins with the basics. Follow along today with the experts at Four Seasons Landscaping as we detail five big tips for handling any design or landscape type.

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These Five Tips Are Crucial for Landscaping in Montgomery County (and Anywhere Else)

There are countless landscape types out there, both from a design perspective and just literal lay of the land. But these tips are vital for all of them:

  1. Start with a plan. No good anything starts with absolutely zero plan! We’re not saying you want to go into your design and execution phase with a complete 10-year game plan for your entire landscape (that’d be boring), but starting to lay the groundwork for what type of landscape, gardens, and features you want will help you effectively make use of space without having things go all jungle-mode a year or two down the line.
  2. Work out hardscape before all else. Thinking about installing a new paver patio, or like the idea of incorporating paths and steps in your landscaping in Potomac? If so hash as many of these out as possible now, and go ahead and consult with a design/build team. Plants can be moved, but changing around where your outdoor kitchen is installed is nearly impossible.
  3. Look to your grass. Every gorgeous landscape is supported by healthy, vibrant, and hardy grass growth. In order to get this, and maintain it, you’ll need to get into routine seasonal seeding and aeration, as well as organize a perfect mowing and irrigation schedule. Bad, patchy grass can ruin even the most intricate of designs, and it’s the most common “space ruiner” our experts come across.
  4. Nutrition is vital. Plants may not quite be people, but they still need to eat, and the quality of what they take in will impact growth and beauty. This goes for grass, it goes for trees, and it even (or especially) goes for any exotics you might have in your space. Either learn all of these yourself, or be sure to enlist a professional that can set things up for you.
  5. Consider all of the seasons. Landscaping in Potomac is somewhat straightforward, but many home gardens and lawns fall short come the fall and winter. But this needn’t be the case! You can have a gorgeous and vibrant landscape in any season within our zone. It just takes some experienced knowledge to find out how to plan it and execute it correctly.

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