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Benefits of Low-Voltage Lighting

Posted on: May 13, 2013

Nothing brings a beautiful project to life after the sun goes down like proper accent lighting. Honestly, that sometimes seems to be the only time we have to relax and enjoy our outdoor living spaces!

If you live in the Montgomery, Howard, or Frederick County, Maryland area want to highlight your landscaping with outdoor lighting, contact Four Seasons! For ten years, we’ve been installing low-voltage accent lighting, which uses little electricity and is very cost-effective.

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting: The Next Generation

For years, halogen bulbs have been the norm. That is all changing, however, to LED (light-emitting diode). When low-voltage LED lighting first came out, it didn’t compare esthetically to halogen. The lights were very white—not at all that warm yellow that has been sought after.

It only took the manufacturers a few years to fix that, and now we have almost completely stopped using halogen. The biggest advantage LED has over halogen is that you don’t need to replace bulbs. Quality LED fixtures that are installed correctly simply should not go out. Halogen lights, however, are commonly replaced every one or two years (depending on usage). LED also uses such little electricity that you won’t notice it on your electric bill! Because LED lights use such little power, you have the capability of using a much smaller (and less costly) transformer to operate them. LED also is easier to install compared to halogen.

LED Lighting in Landscape Design

When considering low-voltage lighting, the design is extremely important. Balance is the key. For example, if you have five lights on the left side of the patio, you should have at least close to the same number on the opposite side. Also, when looking at your outdoor living space, you do not want any dark areas—it isn’t safe and doesn’t look good! In the case of low-voltage lighting, more is usually better. 

Four Seasons has a lot of experience installing LED landscape lighting in yards throughout Maryland. If you want to install low-voltage lighting in your yard, contact us  today!

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