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Want a More Dog-Friendly Yard?

Are you tired of your plain backyard but hesitant to enhance it because your dogs might tear it up? Don’t give up just yet—there are numerous landscape design options for pet-friendly backyards!

For all you pet owners out there, we have compiled a list of pet-friendly landscaping tips that will not only keep your garden pet-safe, but also make it look beautiful!

Pet-Friendly Yard Ideas

Dogs can really do a number to your backyard, from running around and digging holes in your lawn to eating the plants. They can also leave behind spots of stained grass. Commonly referred to as “dog spots,” these are not only annoying to deal with, but also not something you want around when you’re entertaining in the backyard!

Do you want a yard that is both beautiful and pet-friendly? With the right landscape design, this is possible to achieve—it’s actually really easy!

Hardscaping – stone and masonry are especially useful for landscaping with dogs in mind. Try to incorporate as much stonework into your yard as possible—not only will it construct a more “dog proof” yard, but it will also make your lawn maintenance much easier. Your dog won’t be able to dig holes in the stone.

Artificial grass – do you want a carpet of green grass in your backyard no matter what? If you have dogs, this may seem impossible, but it isn’t with synthetic turf! Artificial grass is a great option. It looks just like grass but it’s extremely durable and water-resistant, perfect for pet-friendly landscaping!

Plant choice – some dogs will eat just about anything if it’s right in front of them. If your dog is like that, you need to be especially careful about what you plant. Make sure you don’t plant anything poisonous in your garden. Learn more about which plants are poisonous to dogs.

Dog fence – if you want a free area where you can do whatever you want without having to worry about your dogs, a dog fence will do the trick! Whether by electric collar or by a physical fence, make sure your dog is barred from this area. Here is where you can plant vegetables, have any kind of grass you want on the ground, and truly relax.

Dog-Friendly Landscaping in MD

These tips are good to keep in mind when creating a pet-friendly yard and garden. However, landscaping with dogs isn’t just about solving problems—you should  have fun with it too!

Four Seasons is a one-stop shop for all your pet-friendly garden needs in the Montgomery County, Maryland area. Contact us today for a yard that will be the paradise you always imagined but were too worried to act on because of your pets!

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