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Patio in a back yard with built-in stone fire pit, half-circle stone bench and patio chairs

Make Your Yard Dog Friendly

A dream landscape is often created not only to reflect your unique and personal aesthetic tastes, but to support the needs of your family as well. And who depends on your ability to provide the perfect yard more than your canine companion? There are many ways to ensure your pets receive the stimulation and safety they need from your yard. And the specialists at Four Seasons Landscaping have put this guide together to assist you, providing a helping hand in building a dog-friendly yard that benefits your furry friend as well as suiting your needs.

Considerations for Fencing

Your dog likely would prefer to roam free, unfettered by perimeters and fences. But, of course, for many pets that is simply impractical. Your dogs need the safety and security of a fence, allowing them to roam freely and get the exercise they need without the risk of getting lost or harmed. Or at the very least to keep them from being a bother to the neighbors. However, there are a few ways to keep a fence from feeling “sterile” or boring, both for your benefit, and your dog’s. Consider:

  • Using greenery. Bushes, creeping vine and general greenery serve to both lighten up your fence line, and to make it feel more natural. You don’t want your companion to feel imprisoned, only safe and secure.
  • Viewing windows. Allowing for a space so that your dog can look out into the world can help stave off boredom, and give them a sense of engagement. Boredom is one of the number one causes for frustrated, stressed and poorly-behaved pets, and a viewing window provides an excellent solution.

Create a Pet-Specific Area

A designated play area both provides your pet with healthy stimulation, and serves to save your more precious landscape features from a bored pet.

  • Using a ‘digging’ area. Not all dogs are prone to digging, but if your buddy enjoys pulling up your perennials, consider providing a designated digging area. These are often created with sand, mulch or small stones. Familiarize your dog with this specific space by burying a few new toys and treats, and soon you need not worry about them digging up precious plants.
  • Provide cover. The elements can pose a real threat to your pet, and having adequate cover in the play area serves to save them from overexposure. Cover will also encourage and enforce the use of your designated space, increasing their interest in areas you would prefer they play.
  • Pet fountains. Access to fresh water plays an important role for your pet’s dream yard, and using a pet-specific fountain gives them a sense of ownership.

Dog-Friendly Yard Design with Four Seasons Landscaping

At Four Seasons, our professionals are proud to supply your landscape with everything it needs to make it the yard of your dreams (And your dog’s, as well!). Contact us to learn more about the dog-friendly yard designs and options we offer, and for more great ideas, keep up with our blog!

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