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Driveway Repair: What to Know This Fall & Winter

Posted on: September 2, 2012

Think your Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia area home is ready for fall and winter? If driveway maintenance isn’t part of your plan, think again! Preparing for the colder months usually requires some groundwork for your yard, but did you know that it also should include driveway repair and maintenance?

Driveway Repair for Safety

Your driveway isn’t just a paved entryway to your home. It’s where your children play with friends after school, where visitors walk in and out of your home, where you park your car, and more. Just as you wouldn’t want an uneven groove in your cobblestone driveway to damage your car, you wouldn’t want anyone to trip and get hurt on a faulty driveway brick.

Driveway repair and maintenance is essential to keeping your outdoor living space safe all year long. Don’t let ignoring a minor repair lead to a major injury! Whether these accidents happen to the people who trip on your driveway or the vehicles that drive on it, frequent driveway repair is an excellent strategy to prevent accidents from happening.

Driveway Repair for Inclement Weather

Most of you have shoveled snow, sleet or hail off of a driveway at least once, and we all know that winter storms and inclement weather can make driving up and down your driveway pretty difficult, not to mention dangerous. The combination of snow and ice can make even the most durable driveways vulnerable to car accidents.

If you have any problems that require driveway repair, these problems will almost surely reveal themselves during the winter season. Those cracks and uneven grooves you hardly noticed all summer can make themselves very evident following a winter snow storm. Even more so, once these problems arise, it’s often difficult to repair them immediately because of future unpredictable storms and on-going inclement weather. Save yourself the trouble and the risk by investing in driveway repair before the winter is here. Doing so will save you time and money!

Driveway Repair for Brick, Travertine & Cobblestone Driveways

Driveway repair may be more costly for asphalt or concrete driveways, but it’s actually much easier for brick driveways, travertine driveways and cobblestone driveways. Rather than having to repave an entire driveway, brick, travertine and cobblestone driveways only need repairs in isolated areas. There’s no need to repair every brick in your driveway if only a handful of them need replacement!

When it comes to driveway repair, we have you covered in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area. Still have questions about driveway repair and maintenance? Contact Four Seasons Landscaping today!

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