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7 Fall Lawn Cleanup Tips for a Healthy Yard in the Spring

Posted on: October 10, 2016

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Fall is an amazing season, and not just because the air is crisp and the colors are bright. Fall presents a great opportunity for your landscape. If you perform some routine landscaping this season, you’ll reap astounding rewards in green growth come next spring. Find out 7 tips to make your yard shine by scrolling below!

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7 Fall Tips for Healthy Spring Growth in Potomac

  1. One last cut. For healthy root growth in your grass, be sure to give the lawn one last mowing before the chill sets in. This will help your landscape by reducing the chance that it will be crushed and bent by leaves in late fall. Be sure to not cut your grass too short, however, as it leads to stressed grass and weak roots. Put your mower on its maximum height for just a nice, even trim.
  2. Clear leaves. Once leaves begin falling, it is imperative that you begin raking on a routine basis. It’s certainly not the most enjoyable of tasks, but waiting until the end of the season will give leaves plenty of time to become damp and begin rotting, forming a thick layer of junk that can suffocate your grass and lead to dead spots and fungal growth.
  3. Prune back dead or damaged plants. There are some species of plants and trees that should be pruned in fall. Be sure to remove excess dead or dying limbs and stems from them before winter sets in.
  4. Remove vulnerable plants. Plants that aren’t likely to survive the winter should either be transplanted and brought indoors, or should be simply removed. These plants can sap your soil of nutrients, and if left to die while planted, can create bald patches that are hard to mitigate in the following spring.
  5. Aerate your landscape. The best times to aerate are the early spring, and the early fall for an ideal landscape all year long. In the fall, use a plug (not spike!) aerator to reduce compaction and promote healthy growth.
  6. Overseed. Pair overseeding with aeration, seeding your landscape with the appropriate grass type to match your landscape. Pairing these activities is quick and easy, and will result in an absolutely gorgeous landscape when it warms up again.
  7. Fertilize cool-season grasses. If you have a mix of cool season grasses (most lawns in the US have them), fertilize it at the end of Fall. Fertilizing your landscape provides your grass and plants with a healthy store of energy to not only push through the fall season, but to have the strength to return healthy next year.

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