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Quick Fixes for Summer Patio Problems

Posted on: August 13, 2016

paver patio with a retaining wall in Maryland

Whether you’re throwing a great mid-evening bash, or just taking some time for yourself, patios provide Bethesda and Potomac homes luxury and comfort all in one. But, like most things, they can come with some small issues all their own. Some might require some professional patio repair in Bethesda, but others you might be able to handle all on your own. 

At Four Seasons Landscaping, we want to be absolutely sure that we’re providing our patrons with the most effective and up to date solutions and information. Having some patio problems and need a quick fix? We’ve got your answers right here!

Summer Patio Troubles (and How To Handle Them)

Summer is the best season to enjoy your patio, as your landscape is vibrant and provides a lot of enjoyment (Though we quite like fall as well). Here’s a way to handle some problems that might be bungling up your sense of enjoyment:

Common Patio Damage in Summer

  • Two big forms of patio damage come about during summer; sun damage, and water damage. Minimizing sun damage is mostly a wood thing, and really it should be addressed by the material already. Water damage, on the other hand, should be avoided by:
    • Ensuring your gutters are working properly
    • Covering vulnerable materials during rain
    • Utilizing protective coatings and finishes
  • If you’ve got a paver or tile that’s loose or missing, you can easily replace it (or remortar it) with a simple mortar kit from your local hardware store. If your pavers or tiles keep popping up, however, we suggest calling a professional to assess the problem.
  • If you’ve got an asphalt driveway, you can easily patch it up with some cold-mix asphalt, and the same with concrete.

Dealing with Insects in Bethesda

A damaged patio isn’t the only problem people experience with their patios! Bugs in Maryland and the DC are the worst (WHY did DC have to be built on a swamp??) and can send even the most stubborn of folks retreating back into the house. Worse yet, there are countless “solutions” to be found online. Some work great, but others actually can make the problem even worse. Traps are gross, flyswatters are frustrating; so what can you do?

  • Citronella candles and incense, made from the plant species Cymbopogon, actually work quite well. Problem is, they have a shoddy range, and a stiff breeze will render them useless. Try planting Citronella plants in pots and boxes for a constant form of mosquito protection.
  • Bring in the birds with stylish feeders. These pretty little friends can weed out your insect population in a hurry, and look fancy doing it. For the more adventurous, you might even consider bat houses in some outdoor trees. Unorthodox, yes, but they are the kings of insect removal.
  • Generate a breeze with outdoor fans to give the bugs something to fight against. Most of them will avoid moving air if possible, and it helps carry the scent of food away from your patio.


Patio Repair in Bethesda and Potomac

When damage has already occurred, your best solution here is to contact a professional  for patio repair in Bethesda right away. Patio damage, and specifically water damage, tends to worsen with time, and can eventually severely endanger the structural integrity of your patio!

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