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Why Invest in Hardscape Design This Winter?

Posted on: December 14, 2012

The temperatures have dropped, stores are offering holiday sales, houses are adorned with wreaths and Christmas lights—we are well into winter, so the last thing you’re probably thinking about is landscape design. This is especially true about “big” projects, such as outdoor kitchens, patios, etc.

But what if we told you that it’s actually a good idea to complete a hardscape design project in the winter? That’s right. If you want to install a new patio, outdoor kitchen, walkway, or retaining wall and are planning on doing it in the spring, you may want to consider calling a landscape designer (like Four Seasons) now!

Benefits of Hardscape Installation in the Winter

Don’t wait to install a new patio, outdoor kitchen, deck, or other hardscape until March or April. Everyone installs hardscapes in the spring, so it’s smarter to do it early. Here are a few reasons why:

Lower Cost

One of the single biggest benefits of installing hardscape in the off-season is the cost. Demand for lumber (for decking projects) increases in the spring, so prices rise. In the winter, when demand is low, prices can drop about 10 or 15 percent. Also keep in mind that hardscape design companies are in higher demand in the spring and early summer!

Shorter Wait Time

Building a new deck, patio, outdoor kitchen, etc. in the winter not only saves you money, but it also saves you time and is a lot more convenient. Many decks ordered in the spring don’t start until six or eight weeks later, which means those homeowners aren’t actually enjoying their decks (or other hardscapes) until the summer. During the off-season, the wait times are much shorter; you could be starting your hardscape design project within a week or two.

Less Damage

During the winter, grass is more dormant, and the ground is usually frozen up to eight inches. Because of this, your lawn is less vulnerable to damage than it is during the spring, when the grass is growing and the ground is wetter and muddier.

Hire a Hardscape Designer Now!

If you’re looking to spend money and start enjoying your new deck, patio, pool area, etc. as soon as possible, get the ball rolling now! Four Seasons installs a variety of hardscapes for homeowners throughout Maryland:

Essentially, starting your hardscape design project in the off-season gives you more for your money. Enjoy your new outdoor living space sooner—and pay less for it! Contact Four Seasons today to get started on your hardscape installation.

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