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Hill Landscaping: Cope With Your Slope

If your yard is on a slope, it does present some difficulties when it comes to landscaping, but creating a beautiful space is still possible – it’s actually quite feasible with the right landscape design! Call Four Seasons if you’re looking for landscape designers in Maryland that can help you cope with your slope!

Good Planning is Key

Whether or not your yard is sloped is irrelevant – every landscape design requires good planning. With the right landscaping company, you won’t need to worry about having a solid plan – they’ll do the hard work for you! That said, you’ll still want to consider a few things, including drainage problems, how you primarily use your yard, what kind of plants you want, what kind of look you want for your yard, etc.

Keep in mind form should follow function. It may not seem like it, but with strategic landscaping, a sloped yard can score high points in both appearance and function! Professional landscape designers can work with you to create a space perfect for you and your family. Now it’s time to hit those slopes!

Ideas for Landscaping a Hill

If you have a hilly yard, there are actually a number of things you do when it comes to landscape design.

Retaining wall: retaining walls are great solutions for slopes, especially steep ones! Retaining walls can not only help prevent soil erosion and stabilize slopes, but they also add an element of unique style to your yard. The material for your wall (brick, stone, etc.) is up to you – they will all function the same way. You can even use a series of shorter retaining walls to achieve a terraced effect!

Terraced garden: if your slope isn’t too steep, a terraced garden is a viable option. Both wood and stone terraced gardens look great – it depends on your personal preference! Terraced gardens are also beneficial since, like retaining walls, they prevent erosion and draining issues.

Rock garden: if you don’t want a terraced garden, try a rock garden! It can help redirect water to drain properly or to even irrigate vegetation at the foot of the hill.
Terraced steps: if your patio is at the top of the slope, why not build steps leading up to it? This is a fantastic way to work with what you have to create a beautiful look for your yard!

Don’t be discouraged by your hilly yard – you can still create a beautiful space friends and family can enjoy no matter what time of year it is. Contact our hill landscape design experts today to learn more about hill landscaping and how to cope with your backyard slope in Maryland!

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