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How To Fix Landscape Drainage Problems

Has a prolonged period of rain left your landscape looking soggy, or is your sloped yard having a hard time shedding water? These are frustrating problems to have, but you don’t have to try to solve them on your own. At Four Seasons Landscaping, we’ve helped countless Maryland homeowners deal with bad drainage, so follow along to find out what our professional landscapers suggest.

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Simple Solutions for a Soaked Landscape

Drainage problems and waterlogging are actually fairly common problems to have, so the good news is you’ve got a few courses of action. What you choose depends on a combination of your budget and the exact source of your issue, but you can generally expect to employ one of the following:

  • French drains: French drains have been a long-standing solution that’s effective at addressing larger scale drainage issues. They’re quite easy to install and are pretty cost-efficient, too! These are simply an underground drain line covered with a porous material (usually loose or arranged stone) so that water will flow into the perforated drain line and move away from your landscape. Just be sure not to drain into your neighbor’s yard!
  • Dry wells: Dry wells are essentially just sunk-in dig holes that are covered with decorations or stone, like the French drain. These simply allow excess water to fall into them where it will disperse more naturally and evenly into the soil.

Landscape Features That Help With Drainage Issues

Looking to get a little bit more creative? At Four Seasons, we’re all about getting creative to solve our problems. You should consider these:

  • A rain-friendly garden: Many plants actually prefer muddy and inundated soil, which you can use to your advantage in order to create a rain garden. Rain gardens turn your misfortune into a unique opportunity, letting you make something out of your landscape that would be quite difficult otherwise.
  • water feature pond and waterfallIncorporated water features: You can also divert and harness your excess water by creating a landscape creek or pond that can make use of the it rather than drown in it. We’ve seen tons of koi ponds and unique landscape creeks that have transformed landscapes from dingy to dreamlike.


Landscape Drainage in Montgomery County, MD

Need a team of professionals with the knowledge and tools to help you transform your languishing landscape into something lively or just need some pros to help you get drainage done right? Our experts can help you draw up a perfect drainage plan and even recommend other decorative solutions as well.

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