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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Yard

When you’re lounging by the pool during a backyard BBQ in the middle of summer or relaxing by the fire pit with friends early in the fall, the last thing you want to worry about is pesky mosquitoes ruining your party. Instead of dousing yourself with bug spray in an effort to keep them away, try out our handy landscaping tips to prevent mosquitoes all season long.

8 Tips for Preventing Mosquitoes

  1. Water drainage In order to keep mosquitoes from breeding in and around your yard, be sure to empty stagnant water out of any open container—such as bird baths, inflatable pools, and dog bowls—when not in use. Cleaning your gutters so that they drain properly is also crucial for preventing bugs, as well as making sure the tarps covering your furniture or grill are tied up tightly to limit water retention.
  2. Trimming – Making sure the trees and bushes in your yard are trimmed consistently will also prevent the opportunity for mosquito breeding. By giving them less space and limited shade, they won’t be able to find places to hide.
  3. Mosquito dunks – Purchasing mosquito dunks, which contain a toxin that kills mosquito larvae without harming other animals, is a great option for use in ponds or rain barrels. Depending on the size of the pack you purchase, they typically cost around $7-$22 per pack. Each dunk is effective for approximately 30 days.
  4. Treatment – To keep mosquitoes away without using dangerous chemicals, buy a jug of natural lawn insect repellent from your local home improvement store. When sprayed on grass and shrubs, repellent creates a barrier that keeps mosquitoes from entering your yard in the first place, and one application lasts for about 2-3 weeks. There are professional companies who can apply treatments that last the entire summer, but they come at a much higher price tag (typically a few hundred dollars per treatment).
  5. Citronella – An easy and cheap method for temporary relief from mosquitoes is either using citronella candles around your patio or planting citronella plants in your yard. Though this may not be as effective as mosquito dunks or repellent, citronella definitely comes in handy as a quick fix.
  6. Bug lights – Opaque yellow light bulbs, otherwise known as “bug lights,” attract less attention from insects than traditional light bulbs. The yellow coating causes light emissions to become invisible to many different bugs, preventing swarms around your yard.
  7. Outdoor fans – Though this seems to be just another common method for repelling mosquitoes, using fans has been tested and proven. You may think that the breeze simply blows mosquitoes away or throws them off of their path, but it actually affects the bodily signals that they use to find you—including carbon dioxide, sweat, lactic acid, and body heat.
  8. Pinion wood – Many people claim that the pine scent of pinion wood repels mosquitoes, but there is no scientific proof of its effectiveness. Try it out for yourself by adding some pinion wood to your fire pit.

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