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Patio in a back yard with built-in stone fire pit, half-circle stone bench and patio chairs

Need Fall Ideas for Fire Pits?

Do you have an outdoor fire place or fire pit? Do you enjoy using it in the colder months?  If you’re looking for some new ideas for fire pits this season, we have some great activities you can plan for fall or winter.

Camping: One of the Best Ideas for Fire Pits

Do you enjoy camping, but dislike the planning it requires and how time-consuming it can be? Instead of traveling to a remote and isolated camping ground, you can simulate a camping trip all in the privacy of your backyard.  Here are some ideas for fire pits that you can try while camping:

  • Roast marshmallows – Everyone loves a good s’more! Buy marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars for a treat that everyone will enjoy.
  • Tell ghost stories – Get in the groove for fall by telling a few tales about ghouls and goblins! They’re entertaining and a relaxing way to spend time with loved ones.
  • Star gaze – How many constellations can you identify? Have a contest and see who can find the most.

Pick a chilly Friday or Saturday night to pitch a tent and turn your backyard into your own personal camping site. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and one of our best ideas for fire pits.

Cooking: One of the Most Delicious Ideas for Fire Pits

Instead of ordering take out or picking up fast food, why not use your fire pit as your own rustic grill? It’s one of the most delicious ideas for fire pits and it’s super-simple! Simply take the grilling rack from any barbeque, and arrange it over your fire pit so that you can grill on top of it. You can also adjust the heat by either using more or less wood to produce a stronger or weaker flame.

Once your grill is up and running, you can experiment will all types of food. Try grilling steak or chicken and corn on the cob. Wrap sliced vegetables like onions and peppers in aluminum foil and let them roast on the grill. If your flame is weak enough, you could even try lining your grilling rack with aluminum foil and make a fire roasted pizza on it!

Keep in mind you don’t always need a barbeque rack for great grilling. Wrap whole potatoes in aluminum foil and then place them in the embers of the fire pit. Let them cook for one to two hours and you’ll have the best baked potatoes ever!


Don’t be afraid to get a little creative and think outside the box. If you’re looking for Gaithersburg landscaping services or outdoor ideas for fire pits, contact Four Seasonstoday!


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