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The 5 Best Landscaping Projects for Increasing Home Value in the Washington, DC Area

Posted on: December 7, 2016

landscaping projects to increase home value in Damascus, MD

Are you ready to tackle your landscaping ideas in Damascus to make your home look its best? Whether you’re adding a patio, putting in a fence or planting flowers, paying attention to home value will help you get the most possible value out of your project. Here are some projects that will add value to your Washington, DC area home.

1. Plant Native Plants

native plants in maryland for landscaping

Landscaping can add 28 percent return-on-investment (ROI), but that doesn’t mean ALL landscaping. For example, when you’re investing in landscaping projects, choosing native plants will be the best value. Not only will you find that native plants are more affordable to buy, in most instances, but they’re also easier to maintain. This helps in two ways: First, potential buyers may know the plants are easy to maintain, which can help the value in their eyes. Second, the home will look better because you won’t be fighting with the grass and flowers to look their best.

How much value can you add? One study in Wisconsin found that maintaining an acre planted native grass and other plants costs around $3,000 a year, compared to $20,000 a year for non-native grass. In Arizona, planting a garden of native cacti can increase a home’s value by as much as $5,000. These aren’t small numbers, and they translate to the Washington, DC area too, so when looking for landscaping ideas in Damascus and the surrounding communities, focus on plants that grow here naturally.

2. Improve the Outdoor Lighting and Ambience

If your home’s outdoor lighting needs an upgrade, this investment will pay big dividends in the value of your home. There are several reasons for this. Outdoor lighting will:

  • Point potential buyers and visitors to the front door, making the home feel inviting.
  • Protect visitors from tripping hazards.
  • Make the property less inviting for intruders
  • Earn discounts for you on your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Make the home more attractive and homier feeling.

From lighting the walkway to lighting the exterior of the home, this is an investment that pays back. Since you’re updating your lighting, also go ahead and power wash your front walks and your siding. You’d be surprised what better lighting can reveal!

3. Install Fencing

Fencing is one of the more expensive landscaping additions you can add, but for people who are looking for a house, it can be a big benefit. A fenced-in backyard makes a home more appealing for people with kids, people with pets and people who crave privacy. If you have the budget for it, you can see an increase in home value of between $1,500 and $5,000 with this addition.

4. Invest in Paver Patios

landscape design in Olney, MD with paver patio

The ROI for a paver patio is somewhere between 30 – 60 percent. Besides being functional, real estate agents have said homes with a finished paver patio look more “high-end” than those with poured concrete or asphalt. This added curb appeal can also help your home sell more quickly along with the boosted price tag.

5. Build an Outdoor Kitchen


outdoor kitchen with open fireplace and grill

For the ultimate landscaping home value bump, install an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen usually offers a 100 percent-and-up ROI. Outdoor living is becoming more of a necessity than a bonus, and having an outdoor kitchen (especially in the Washington, DC area) can really boost your home price. Your outdoor kitchen can be as bare-bones as a built-in grill or as detailed as wood-burning pizza oven, smoker, grill, sink, and even a mini-refrigerator.

If you are looking for landscaping ideas in Damascus, it’s important to consider the look and function you want, but don’t neglect to consider the overall value of the home as well. Talk to the Four Seasons Landscaping team today to learn what projects can help your home be its best, both in the way it looks, and in how much value it has.

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