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Landscaping Terms & Definitions

Posted on: November 14, 2011

Have you ever been confused when talking to your landscape design company? Be ready to talk like the pros during your next landscaping project! When you know what some of the most common landscaping terms mean, you can more easily ask for exactly what you want! Get your perfect yard – in terms that you really understand.

Annual plant: plants that complete their lifecycle in one year, such as marigolds

Biennial plant: plants that go through their lifecycle in two years, such as lettuce

Cold hardiness: how well a perennial plant will be able to survive cold temperatures

Coniferous: plants that produce cones and have needles rather than leaves; most are evergreens

Dead head: the process of cutting off dead flowers on plants; this encourages the growth of new flowers

Deciduous: plants that have leaves which fall off with the seasons

Girder: a supportive beam used in deck construction

Hardscaping: landscaping with “hard” products such as rocks; this term is used to refer to sidewalks, patios, etc. 

Perennial plant: a plant that has a lifespan of over two years, such as the daylily

Plant nursery: the location where plants are grown to their full potential for use in landscaping

Retaining wall: walls used to keep dirt contained in a certain area; in landscaping they are used to clear space for walkways or patios and can be made with any material (stone, brick, etc.)

Softscaping: landscaping with “soft” products; this includes all the plants, flowers, shrubbery, etc.

Soil structure: the composition of an area of soil; this affects what plants can survive in the area

Tender plants: plants that cannot survive extremely cold temperatures

Topsoil: the uppermost part of the soil; generally has a high concentration of organic matter

Variegated: leaves or flowers that are a lighter color surrounded by a darker color, or the other way around

Weeping hole: a small opening on a retaining wall that allows water to drain

If you’ve heard a landscaping term that you don’t see on the list, or if you’re ready to start planning your next landscaping project, contact Four Seasons today!

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