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Monthly Landscaping Tip

With the temperature dropping, it’s important to get your lawn in top shape for the winter months! While the Maryland winters may be long and cold, with a few simple tweaks and chores, you can make sure your lawn is healthy and ready for spring. While your lawn will naturally brown in the cold, taking some precautions prior to any snowfall will help your lawn recover quickly back to its naturally green state. If you don’t, you could do serious damage to it and your plants that could take months to repair once the weather turns warm!

How To Prepare Your Yard for the Winter

There are a few things you can do to make sure you lawn stays in top shape during the winter and is ready for spring:

    1. Mow Your Lawn: The most important thing you can do for your lawn prior to winter is mow your grass. If you leave your grass long heading into winter, during snowfall, your grass could rot on top of itself, causing serious damage to your lawn that will last well into spring.
    2. Trim Hedges, Trees, and Plants: It’s important to prune your hedges, trees, and plants to remove any decaying portions. Doing this will improve the health of your plants and get them looking great for spring!
    3. Remove All Debris: Making sure you keep debris off your lawn heading into winter is important, too! Just like long grass, removing leaves and other plant debris is important to the overall health of your lawn.
    4. Pre-Mulch: You can already begin prepping for your spring landscaping, as well. About 2 inches of mulch in your flower beds will act as a shield for the roots of your plants, helping them survive the winter.

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