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Top 5 Myths About Urban Landscaping in Washington, DC


When it comes to small yard landscaping in Washington, DC, there are certainly plenty of naysayers out there. Think your smaller yard is any less likely to inspire a gorgeous vista? If so, we can gladly tell you that you’re mistaken! Small yard landscaping is not only possible, it’s become a trend all its own.

Four Seasons Landscaping has been providing superior landscape services in Washington, DC for years, and if there’s anything we know best, it’s how to create a garden that suits you perfectly, regardless of its size! Still don’t believe us? Then let’s take five of the most common small yard landscaping myths we hear. And then let’s debunk them!

Washington, DC Urban Landscaping Myths

urban landscaping in Washington, DC

  1. I don’t have enough space for a proper landscape. Any amount of space can be utilized for landscape design in Washington, DC. It’s not all about sprawling trees and hedge walls. Small plots or potted rows of native and zone-appropriate perennials can be outright gorgeous. Heck, many small yard landscapes don’t use a traditional “yard” at all! Ever heard of rooftop gardening?
  2. There are too many pests in urban areas. Worried about rats and bugs getting into your garden? Bugs are easily banished from your garden with modern and safe pesticides, and you can take certain precautions about rats.
  3. Small, dense gardens are unappealing. For denser patches of gardening, our Maryland natives are absolutely excellent. We’re blessed with a variety of natural plants that not only look good in our small yard gardens, they practically are made for it! You can even get some added privacy with a living wall of gorgeous plant life that beautifies your space while taking precious little of it up.
  4. Urban landscaping is expensive. This one is just an outright bit of nonsense. Landscaping can fit any lifestyle, and any budget. You want luxury, flourish, and lavish surroundings? You can have them. Looking for simplicity and handsome design? You’ve got that too. Hanging vegetable gardens double as privacy screens. Window boxes add a pop of unique color to condos and apartments. You don’t need to spend a lot to have an outdoor space you love.
  5. There isn’t enough variety in urban gardening. Believe us when we say, if it’s variety you want, you can have it. I doesn’t matter if you’re working with twenty square feet or two hundred, you can have the garden of your dreams. Maybe you don’t want variety. That’s fine, many natives and zone appropriate plants in Maryland can stand alone for a beautiful and colorful statement. But we have plenty of smaller plants that can be arranged in a beautiful display.

Ready to put the myths to bed and get the landscape in Washington, DC you’ve always wanted? Contact Four Seasons today!

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