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A beautiful backyard firepit area surrounded by seating and a stone bench

Natural Stone or Brick Paver Patio for Your Bethesda Home?

Posted on: June 22, 2016

stone paver patio

A patio can play many roles in your dream landscape. It can be a place to gather, a place of respite to convalesce from a long day, or even simply a gorgeous ornament to your beautiful Maryland home. But when it’s time to build your patio, do you have anything in particular in mind?

Seeking the perfect material for your Bethesda patio? Four Seasons Landscaping is more than happy to help! We absolutely adore working with patio and hardscape materials, and we have opinions galore. Take into account our brief breakdown of two of our favorites!

Choosing a Material: Natural Stone or Pavers?

The first point to get out of the way is this: neither of these options are better than the other. Objectively, anyway. Which is better will always be up to you. Your tastes, wants, needs, and goals are all unique to you. Take our information as a gentle guideline, and use it to build the patio you’ve always dreamed of!

A Natural Stone Patio in Bethesda

Natural stone has been hugely popular in recent years. Quarried stone is exceptionally durable, comes in a fair variety of types and styles, and requires little in the way of maintenance. Available materials include:

  • Slate. A great option for those who adore an “earthy” look, slate can be found in deep greys and browns. This is an excellent choice when considering durability, and can compliment a variety of home styles.
  • Flagstone. Flagstone requires virtually no maintenance at all (maybe a token amount of sweeping), and can be organized into unique patterns and shapes. Flagstone also can be mortared for a little touch of sophistication and permanence, or can be left with natural gaps for grass growth.
  • Terrazzo. One of our personal favorites! Terrazzo shares the durability of its stone brethren, but is also highly resistant to stains. Better yet, it transfers very little thermal energy, meaning no hot toes on a summer afternoon!

A Brick Paver Patio in Bethesda

Brick pavers have a very, very important factor working in their favor: versatility. If you want the appearance of natural stone, you can have it. Prefer unique designs and formations? You can have that, too. Greys, browns, even traditional red, you also have an excellent variety of colors to choose from when picking a paver patio in Bethesda with Four Seasons Landscaping!

The biggest fun to be had with brick is, of course, the design phase. Circular pattern, triangular, dreamy swirls; you can have it all. We find brick paver to be one of the most enjoyable materials to work with, and it’s always inspiring to see what our clients dream up.

Perfect Paver Patio in Bethesda with Four Seasons Landscaping

No matter your choice, the experts at Four Seasons can help! When you work with our team, you know you’re getting assistance from professionals that want to see your ideals and designs come to life. Contact us today to learn more about our patio services!

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