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Plant Watering Tips for the Summer

Once you’ve invested in the softscaping portions of your lawn, you’re going to want to keep your flowers, trees, and bushes healthy and vibrant! This means becoming a master at giving your plants just the right amount of water to keep them satiated but not overly saturated!

But if you’re still looking for the perfect plants for your Maryland yard, Four Seasons can help. Our nursery is fully stocked with beautiful plants, flowers, and shrubs to transform your Maryland yard into a vibrant area just in time for your next summer get together! Contact us today to learn more.

How to Water Your Plants This Summer

It’s trickier than you think to keep your plants well-watered in a way that’s safe for them. But with just a few tips, you can turn your thumb as green as you want your plants to be!

Weather. The most important thing to check prior to watering your plants is the weather. While it may seem obvious, that doesn’t mean it should be ignored! If you water your plants prior to a series of rain storms, you could end up giving them too much water. The temperature also plays a role in how frequently you should water. If the average temperature for the coming week is in the 70s, you should be fine watering just once that week. If it’s going to be hitting 90-plus degrees, you should probably increase the frequency to once every other day. Unless you want to drown your foliage, be sure to glance at the 7-day forecast!

Timing. Once you’ve covered the basics, it’s best to pinpoint the best time to water your plants. The optimal time is in the early- to mid-morning. This means your plants will have enough water to feel quenched through the hottest part of the day.

Amount. But how much water should you give your plants? For a healthy plant, you want to make sure that the top half-inch or so of soil is moist. Be proactive in checking because some plants can fade quickly once they start to dry out.

Method. Finally, be careful about how you water your plants. Try to evenly water the base of the soil. Plants that get their leaves wet are more prone to disease. While it’s impossible to keep them dry from rain, when you water, it’s better to keep them as dry as possible. Using a watering can or a soaker hose evenly around the base of the plant is the most efficient way to make sure your plants stay green and healthy.

Contact Four Seasons Today for Landscaping Services in Maryland

If you’re still looking for those perfect plants for your Maryland yard, contact us today! Our nursery is fully-stocked with gorgeous plants that can help pull your yard together for the summer.

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