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Pondless Waterfalls for Yards

Posted on: June 14, 2013

Water features are one of the best ways to create a little backyard retreat, especially in the summer when it’s warm outside! There is nothing more relaxing than hearing the sounds of trickling water on a hot day—and a landscaping feature like a pondless waterfall also enhances the overall appearance of your yard.

Pondless waterfalls are great for any yard and are low-maintenance, which makes them appealing to many homeowners. Like the name suggests, pondless waterfalls don’t require any water systems or standing water sources. They use a self-circulating system with a reservoir (at the bottom of the waterfall) that drains into an underground pump.

Why Pondless Waterfalls Are Great

Any waterfall design and construction project can enhance your yard—and there’s nothing wrong with pond waterfalls. But pondless waterfalls are the way to go if you want a virtually maintenance-free system. Besides maintenance, pondless waterfalls offer other advantages:

Space: Pondless waterfalls are especially great options for small yards, where there may not be enough room for a pond. Pondless waterfalls can easily be incorporated into any space!

Safety: If you have young children, you may not want a waterfall with a large pond or another feature with a lot of standing water.

Budget: A pondless waterfall usually requires less labor and fewer materials, so costs aren’t as high. So for those on a tighter budget, a pondless waterfall might be a more economical choice.

Enhance Your Yard With Waterfall Construction

If you live in the Montgomery, Howard, or Frederick County, Maryland area and are interested in a backyard waterfall design, Four Seasons can help. We can install a pondless waterfall or a waterfall with a pond and aquatic plants in your yard to enhance the overall landscape design.

Browse our gallery of water features we’ve designed and installed, and contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation!

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