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5 Steps to Preparing Your Pool Patio for Spring

Posted on: March 13, 2017

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We’ve gotten a few gorgeous, blessed spring breezes here in Maryland, and it’s looking like the season proper is going to arrive right on time this year. Pretty soon it will be time to clean and clear your pool patio space, prepping it for the fun to be had ahead! Is your pool patio ready to receive visitors? If not, the experts at Four Seasons Landscaping are here to help you out!

Interested in learning more about a pool patio installation for your home in Bethesda, MD or the surrounding areas? Contact our professionals to get started!

Prepping Your Pool Patio for Spring

The winter season can be somewhat unkind to patio and outdoor spaces, meaning you’ve got some work ahead of you. But don’t worry—it’s nowhere near as labor intensive or frustrating as you might think. To get thing ready for the warmer weather, do these:

  1. Clear the patio of all furniture and standing items. Clear away everything so you’ve got a nice, clean, and clear work space. Fighting your way around a deck chair or table can turn an easy task into a maddening one, and we’re trying to make this an easy job here!
  2. Clean your patio material carefully and thoroughly. You’re going to need to clear away debris, and clean your patio to cleanse it of the salts and mildew that may have accumulated now that the winter chill is moving away. Each material may need a slightly different cleaning agent or method, but typically a low-flow power washer can get things done.
  3. Inspect for any signs of damage or disrepair. Any cracks, gaps, or other signs of damage should be handled right away. Whether you’re talking a paver patio or wood, small bits of damage will open up the possibility of bigger problems. Your patio is one big, gorgeous investment, and it needs to be protected!
  4. Consider professional sealing. And speaking of protecting, if your patio hasn’t been sealed recently (or ever), you might look into getting that done. Sealing does add a bit of maintenance, but what’s a bit of routine care compared to a total patio replacement? A good seal means you can kick back and enjoy your patio, rather than stressing about every rainfall or spilled mojito.
  5. Address the furnishings. Before you rearrange the furniture, be sure to clean the furniture itself! You just got the patio clean and protected, and it would be a shame to reintroduce a bunch of grime and dust. Not to mention most patio materials can harbor mold and corrosion themselves.

Pool Patio Installation in Bethesda

Been reading along and just wishing you had a patio? Well, you certainly can with the team at Four Seasons Landscaping! We’ve been providing top-class design and build services to Maryland for years, and we can help you find the ideal patio to suit any budget and taste.

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