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How to Prevent Moss Growth Between Pavers

Pavers are a gorgeous and malleable addition to any landscape design, offering innumerable options to fulfill your ideal yard dreams. Unfortunately, your hard spent time can meet its match in the local flora. Homeowners often have to watch in sheer frustration as moss, grass and weeds begin to take over their pavers. Worry not, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective (chemical free!) ways to remove, reduce and prevent weeds and moss from growing between your pavers.

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Preventative Measures

The best defense is often a good offence, and your yard is no different.

  • Prevent moss. Moss grows best in damp and dark areas, so to avoid moss growth on pavers be sure you’re optimizing dry, healthy light. To do this, prune overhanging branches and shrubs, and avoid getting the pavers wet too often (sprinkler systems, gardening hoses, etc.).
  • Prevent weeds and grass. Grass and weeds love to spring up from between the cracks and crevices of your pavers, so the first and foremost method of prevention is of course to not have any crevices. When your pavers are installed, ensure your landscape design denotes that there are to be little to no spacing between your laid pavers. If you’re dealing with pre-existing pavers, it may be in your best interest to have them reset to optimize appropriate spacing.  

Removing Growth From Between Your Pavers

When it’s time to get serious with your lawn care, Four Seasons Landscaping has some family-friendly tricks to handle even the most stubborn of weeds.

Removing Moss

When it comes to ridding yourself of that slippery green menace called moss, it’s actually fairly simple. Since the growth doesn’t root in a traditional sense, it’s quite easy to get it up with a scraping tool such as a putty knife, or a trowel. A stiff-bristled brush can also make quick work of your mossy plague. And if we’re dealing with more of a moss epidemic, break out a high pressure hose and simply blast it away. Handling moss is primarily down to prevention, so keep your pavers clean, dry and well lit!  

Removing Weeds

Weeds can be a tougher customer to handle, as the sheer variety can create some overlap in treatments. Don’t fret! Four Seasons has the solution, in a set of easy to handle steps.

  • Remove all presence of weeds that you can by hand, pulling up the easily accessible weeds and grass from between your pavers.
  • Kill the roots of the current weeds and grass (boiling water can do the trick). Give them two days to clear out of the soil.
  • Using a mixture of diluted white distilled vinegar and water, apply to the cracks between your pavers liberally.

This solution is only temporary, and must be repeated as needed. The best method of ensuring those bothersome weeds don’t return is to take the preventative measures we mentioned in the beginning. Looking to reset your pavers with a dependable landscape design team? Contact the professionals at Four Seasons Landscaping today!

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