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Perfect Privacy Landscaping for Your Pool

Posted on: April 26, 2017

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It’s probably in no way contentious for us to say that a pool installation is one of the most excellent additions you can make to your landscape. The recreation, the relaxation, the parties—it’s all pretty wonderful. It can, however, be challenging to keep your privacy. But we at Four Seasons Landscaping have an idea that might not have crossed your mind! Have you considered privacy landscaping for your pool?

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What Is Privacy Landscaping?

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Quite a bit what it sounds like, but it can encompass quite a few things. Privacy landscaping as a concept can be applied to pretty much anything that blocks out potentially peeping eyes and prying interests. That goes for fences, hardscaping, softscaping; it goes for nearly anything that can block a view.

But when it comes to privacy landscaping for a pool, well, you might want something a bit more unique or elegant. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here to talk about today!

Top Ideas for Privacy Landscaping for Your Pool

Fences are fine, sure, and you can get fairly creative with what exactly constitutes one. But for something fresh, new, and a bit different, we would recommend:

  • Rock formations and walls. Stone as a material in general is always fun and exciting. With so many different types, cuts, and designs out there there’s pretty much a perfect stone type for literally anyone. Add in durability and handsomeness and you’re well in business.
  • Shrub plantings. Dense shrub can be a more vibrant, colorful approach to gaining a bit of alone time. Shrubs are exceptionally diverse in our zone, offering you a wide array of color options and plenty of heights to choose from to really tailor just how private you want to be.
  • Trees. Similar to shrubs, but with (typically) a bit less coverage. Trees are a great option for partial privacy, adding a feeling of seclusion without feeling stifling or hemmed in. For an added flair, you could go for pleated trees. Nice and manicured!
  • Boulders. We had a big long talk about the virtues of boulders recently, but here’s a whole new use for them. Boulders typically aren’t massive enough to totally block you in and out of sight, but they’re a nice way to define the borders of your space.
  • Pool patios. Pool patios give your pool a lot of benefits, privacy just one among them. For a definitive, pool space for pool things there’s really no better way to get it all. You’ll get your privacy, you’ll get a great place to entertain, and you’ll get a great, beautiful design that reflects your personality as a homeowner.

Privacy Landscaping for Your Pool in Maryland

Looking for a team of design professionals that can help you get all of the privacy you’ll ever need for your pool space? Four Seasons Landscaping can help! Our professionals have been helping homeowners make their ideal landscape dreams come true for years, and we’d be more than thrilled to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more!

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