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How to Protect Your Plants from Wind and Rain

During the long Maryland summers, it feels like every hot, humid day leads to an evening thunderstorm. While your plants certainly appreciate the water after a hot day, they’re less thrilled by the harsh gusts of wind and the hours of pounding rain. Because of this, it’s important to have barriers in place to protect your plants from these storms. With a few tweaks to your garden, you can make sure that your plants get the natural water they need while protecting them from the stress of thunderstorms.

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Plant Protection Tips

High winds can cause plants to uproot, while excessive rain can overwater and potentially kill them. That’s why it’s important to take proactive measures to protect your precious plants. The best way to protect your plants from wind is to build a barrier as a windbreak.

When building your barrier, the most important thing to remember is to not use solid materials, like brick or timber. Hard surfaces cause wind to flow over the plants and then down, in a swirling motion, potentially harming them. There are two routes you can go for your wind breaking fence. You can install:

  • Permanent fixtures. These include hedges and picket fences.
  • Temporary fixtures. These include wattle hurdles, sacking, or temporary fencing.

To protect your plants from rain, the most important part of the plant to care for is the neck. Excess water can cause rotting in the neck, leading to an untimely demise. Of course, some plants can handle the excess water just fine, so it’s important to know the limits of your plants. Our gardening experts can help you with that. But for some plants, like alpines and fruits, it’s important to make sure that their neck stays dry. You can do this by covering the base of the plant prior to a heavy rainstorm.

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