Best Ways to Remove Snow from Hilly Driveways

Posted on: December 21, 2015

A Maryland winter is a gorgeous thing. While it’s been unseasonably warm this year, usually we can expect near-ivory snowscapes. While these are most definitely picturesque, if you’ve got a driveway on a hill they’re a nightmare.

Four Seasons Landscaping comes to you today with the fastest and most effective methods of dealing with one of the most obnoxious and agitating things winter can bring us: A snowy, slippery, car-hating driveway.

Safe and Effective Snow Removal on Hills

Homeowners with a particularly hilly driveway have the hardest time with this. It can be dangerous at worst, and seriously annoying at best! But fret not, we have the cure for what ails you.


As with nearly any problem that can occur on your landscape (or in your life!), prevention is far and away one of the most effective methods of dealing with a problem. There are some good steps to take to ensure you never deal with snow removal on hills at all:

  • Heated driveways. Boiler systems and electrical both boast a fabulous remedy in installing heated pipes and coils directly into the driveway. A bit cost-prohibitive, sure, but nevertheless exceptionally effective. This solution does wonders for longer, wide driveways that are simply too much to handle alone.
  • Salting. We’re all pretty familiar with this idea. Road salt and other products specifically designed to handle this problem (table salt will not work, and can be dangerous) can keep the snow from piling up, and can reduce the risk of slippery sleet. Do be cautious if you have a hilly drive, however, as running meltwater laden with salt can destroy your soil.


For those of us that don’t have the means or time for prevention, the snow has already become a huge issue. In these times, there are plenty of tried and effective remedies as well:

  • Snow blowers. Specifically designed to remove sleet and snow safely, investing in a good, dependable blower can save you tons of hard labor. This can be particularly important for snow removal on hills, as it keeps you from needing to bend, lean and shimmy all over a slippery drive.
  • Shoveling. The least pleasant of activities, to be sure. But sometimes you’re in a pinch, and a sturdy snow shovel is all you’ve got going for you!
  • Professional removal. The other options sounding unappealing? Unsurprising! Snow removal can be a hassle for anyone. Luckily for you, Four Seasons offers an excellent solution in our expertly-handled snow removal and plowing service. No job is too small or too large, whether business or home, we have you covered!

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