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A Quick and Easy Guide to Removing Stains from Your Brick, Concrete, or Stone Paver Patio

With the help of Four Seasons, you officially have the perfect paver patio to entertain guests on. But keeping that brand new patio looking sharp does take some work on your account. Getting the color and design just right can be a real trial. The difficulty of maintaining that brand-new look by avoiding or removing bothersome stains can be a frustration all its own. The upside? There are two basic methods of paver patio maintenance that can help keep your patio looking as grand as it did the day we installed it!

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Paver Patio Stain Prevention

The solid basis for keeping stains from plaguing your pavers is prevention. Knowing what substances and chemicals can do your patio harm gives you the leg up on not having to deal with any unsightly blemishes in the first place.

Substances to Avoid:

  • Oil and grease.These will leave an unsightly dark blotch on your pavers that are a real hassle to remove. Instead of chancing it, look to protecting your patio with a plastic drop cloth any time these materials may be making an appearance.
  • Leaf and plant detritus.Dead leaves and plant matter will stain your pavers in a heartbeat. To avoid this, plan your garden and landscaping in a way that avoids these two things from coming in contact. If this isn’t possible, be sure to sweep away fallen leaves and buds as soon as possible.

This is that white, milky substance you often see building up on brick and stone pavers. Reduce your chances of seeing this by building your patio in a way that is enclosed from the elements.

Paver Patio Stain Removal

No prevention plan is perfect, and occasionally you will need to get your hands dirty with some paver patio maintenance. Luckily, Four Seasons is here to give you the scoop on how to get rid of some of the more common stains and signs of degradation!

  • Deep cleaning.To avoid efflorescence and grime due to use and traffic, make sure you deep clean once a month. This would involve some sweeping to remove surface dirt and matter, and ample use of white vinegar. Distilled white vinegar is safe to use on your pavers, and is phenomenal at removing aged stains.
  • Oil and grease removal.These can be tough customers, but there’s a fairly neat trick to getting rid of them. If fresh, pour absorbent clay (cat litter is great for this, believe it or not!) on the stain and leave it to absorb for 24 hours. Sweep up the litter and coat the residual stain in liquid detergent. Scrub vigorously with a stiff brush and wash that stain away. This method works wonders for efflorescence and dead plant matter, as well.

Paver Patio Maintenance Tips

For more tips, tricks and good ideas, keep up with our blog! We try to keep our customers updated on all fronts, and we love to share our expertise. Contact us today with any questions you may have about paver patios today.  

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