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How to Repair Your Rain-Soaked Garden

Posted on: May 30, 2016

A solid period of moderate rain can be a blessing for your home’s landscape. But recently here in Maryland, someone must have gotten the idea that you can never have too many blessings. Well, unfortunately for homeowners, too much of this good thing can be horrible for the state of your garden landscaping.

But before you begin pulling hair and howling your frustration, turn to the landscaping and design experts at Four Seasons Landscaping!

How to Repair Your Rain-Soaked Garden

How you go about your landscape repair is going to depend on what kind of damage has occurred, so let’s start at the beginning:

Poor Water Drainage and Landscape Flooding

Usually rain is a fleeting issue; there and then gone. But has rain come to your Maryland landscape and decided to stick around? Wet and muddy garden landscaping can be a nightmare, but solving the root issue can give you the basis you need. The first order of business is to find the best method of draining your flooded gardens and landscape. We’ve covered this extensively in a recent article, but the gist is that you should look into a french drain, utilize turf creatively, or seek a dry well installation.

Rampant Growth

A big concern when there’s been an unnaturally high amount of rain is excessive growth. This can affect saplings, crops, and aesthetic foliage quite a bit. How you handle it is essentially the same all around, however:

  • Top heavy trees. For small trees and saplings, gently pare back over extended branches to keep them from being top heavy. A top heavy young tree is vulnerable to disease, and can begin to harm itself under its own weight. Give it some relief!
  • Waterlogged foliage. For sensitive or young foliage, you’ll want to remove damaged and waterlogged leaves. If the damage is severe, you might consider removing the plant and examining the roots. If any are damaged, swollen, or have developed signs of root disease, remove the affronting root and repot the plant in fresh potting soil. For plants that are too unwieldy to lift and repot, simply attempt to remove damaged parts of the plant (carefully and precisely) and keep an eye out for developments.

Preventative Measures

In case of another incident involving rogue, massive-amounts of rain, you might consider some safety measures. For newer or more sensitive plants, this may be a good time to look into a gorgeous greenhouse! Think of it as a cool way to try something new; add some space to your dream landscape.

And for that muddy soil and squishy footing? Perhaps a walkway forged of pavers is the solution that suits you best. If you need some cool ideas, or are just looking for some artistic direction, our experts are more than happy to help!

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