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5 Warning Signs You Should Repave Your Driveway

A well-paved driveway adds curb appeal to a home, and is a welcome attraction when others visit. Unfortunately, driveway repaving will eventually be needed, since asphalt and other driveway materials tend to wear out over time. There are certain signs you should look for that will let you know it’s time to have your driveway repaved.

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You Should Repave Your Driveway if You See:

  1. Excessive number of cracks: small cracks in your pavement can be expected as your driveway ages; however, when you begin noticing numerous cracks, this is a sign your asphalt is reaching the end of its useful lifespan. Even a few cracks can be problematic if they are especially long or deep, since these types of cracks are extremely difficult to repair.
  2. Ruts or potholes: the development of ruts or potholes means it’s time for driveway repaving, because filling or repairing these areas will likely result in only a temporary fix. Not only that, but a patch job could also leave you with uneven or mismatched pavement.
  3. Chunks of pavement are eroding away: if your driveway seems to be crumbling or has sections that are eroding away, driveway repaving is needed. Not only is this unsightly, but it also can make walking, driving or parking on your pavement difficult. The problem will only continue to get worse as time goes on, so you should consider repaving as soon as possible.
  4. Your driveway appears aged and weathered: some fading is to be expected over time; however, as your driveway’s life expectancy shortens, it may become especially dull and weathered looking. Once it reaches this stage, other problems such as cracking, crumbling pavement or pot holes are likely to occur in only a short amount of time. To avoid these problems, you should go ahead and consider driveway repaving.
  5. Your pavement has an alligator hide appearance: driveways that have been sealed and repaired numerous times may develop the appearance of alligator hide when viewed from a distance. When it reaches this stage, future repairs are unlikely to provide you with the results you desire, in which case you should consider having your driveway repaved instead.
  6. Cobblestones or bricks are missing: if you get enough rough holes in your paver driveway you can cause damage to your tires or the undercarriage of your car, not to mention is decreases the curb value of your home. You can always look into replacing these missing pieces, but you aren’t guaranteed to match the exact color, and chances are if a few have come loose, the rest are soon to follow.

Driveway Repaving in Montgomery County, MD

There are definitely times when driveway repaving makes more sense than repairing it. If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, repairing your surface is unlikely to produce the results you desire. Repaving will provide you with the appearance and functionality you desire, while helping you avoid costly repairs for some time to come.

Whether you decide on resurfacing or repaving your driveway, contact Four Seasons for a job that will last!

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