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Tips for a Perfect Backyard Koi Pond in Rockville

koi ponds in Rockville

Thus far our summer season has been beautifully mild, allowing for plenty of landscaping opportunities and time spent outdoors. But of all the top landscaping projects we’ve been seeing as of late, nothing has been quite making the same splash as koi ponds in Rockville, MD and the surrounding areas. Want a perfect backyard koi pond, but not sure where to start? Trust Four Seasons Landscaping for the best info around!

When you need leading landscaping services including koi ponds in Rockville, patio design, or outdoor kitchen design and build, trust Four Seasons to offer the best. Contact us today to get started!

Choosing Koi Ponds in Rockville

Koi ponds come in a very wide array of sizes and styles, but when you’re talking koi it is wisest to go big! The koi themselves will flourish best when given plenty of space to move around, and additionally you can comfortably fill a larger pond with more fish. Who wants to invest in a pond for two or three koi? You want a dazzling array of the lively gems, not a light smattering.

There are also many ponds types themselves, concerning both the mechanics of your installation, as well as the design of your pond (Traditional ponds, japanese style, modern ponds, et cetera). We would recommend the more malleable and attractive poured concrete options, but a simple dig/liner pond can work well enough.

Hey! How/Where Do I Buy Koi in Rockville?

First off you’ll want to decide on what koi you want. There are literally dozens of breeds, and what you choose can impact the hardiness of the fish, appearance, and more. This makes the price range very wide, as there are lots of cheap koi options, but top-end koi can cost literally hundreds per fish.

As for where you get them, koi can be purchase nearly anywhere: online, pet stores, koi farms—you’re spoiled for choice. But do be sure when possible to purchase koi in the earlier parts of the year so that they have plenty of time to grow before the cold months.

Equip Your Koi Ponds in Rockville Right

The job is done, the fish have been purchased. What now? Equip your pond! A successful koi pond needs proper filtration systems in order to maintain beauty and healthy waters for your new fishies. Skimmers take care of top layer solids, removing lots of what can make ponds cloudy and gross. Biological filters are also important. These convert the koi wastes and help to reduce risks of contamination or risks to the koi’s health. You want gorgeous fish for years? Get a biofilter!

We’d recommend looking to professionals for just how to treat your particular koi right. There are clubs nationwide, as well as a very large number of websites specifically devoted to the subject.

Koi Ponds and Water Features in Maryland

Looking for a design and build team in Maryland that can transform your unused landscape space into a gorgeous water feature getaway? Contact Four Seasons Landscaping online to get started, or look to us for more great ideas about how best to utilize your space!

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