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A beautiful backyard firepit area surrounded by seating and a stone bench

Top 10 Recipes for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Posted on: September 24, 2015

An outdoor fireplace serves as a central location for gatherings, parties and get-togethers. To take full advantage of these fire pit parties, offer up dishes exclusive to the medium of an open flame. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite recipes that taste oh so good when prepared over your outdoor fireplace. Some are traditional, as they should be, and a few are a bit more wild.

Hearty Meals on Your Fire Pit

  • Kabobs. Not just suited for your grill, well-prepared kebabs offer a succulent meal that is as versatile as your guest list. For added flair, try some more exotic ingredients, like lamb and artichoke.
  • Sheepherder’s Breakfast.Chopped onion, diced potatoes, a pound of bacon and a dozen eggs make for a decadent and substantial meal. Add chopped chives for a bit of punch, and we definitely recommend using a deep cast iron skillet for a great, crispy outside.
  • Philly Loaf.Partially slice a full-size French loaf (So that the slices are still connected at the base) and fill the gaps with onions, mushrooms, beef, Swiss and green peppers. Wrap the loaf in foil and set it over the fire for about five minutes.
  • Campfire Burgers.Using a cast iron skillet, cook a round of eggs sunny-side up. Set a grate over your fire and grill fresh-ground burgers to medium. Top with the egg, and serve on a fire-toasted English  The egg melding with your burger creates a wonderful, buttery meal. Have napkins handy!
  • Wagon-Trail Chili.Traditional chili with a twist, add fresh-shucked corn and andouille sausage to your favorite chili recipe and cook over your open flame. The smell alone will have your guests ravenous!

Fireside Snacks

  • S’mores A classic with a minor upgrade, pre-assemble your marshmallows and chocolate in a cast-iron skillet and toast over the fire briefly. Use the graham crackers as your chip, and you’ve got a lovely sweet dip!
  • Using a disposable pie tin, a quarter cup of unpopped kernels, a tablespoon of oil and a dash of salt, you can make some of the best popcorn you’ve ever had. This one is great fun in groups.
  • Using store-bought dough wrapped around a campfire stick, you can make your own toasted breadsticks. Sprinkle with salt for a stronger flavor.
  • Spitfire Corn.Corn on the cob spitted over your outdoor fireplace is a flavor your oven simply cannot match.
  • Roasted Wild Mushrooms.Use a mushroom medley to make the flavors pop (we personally recommend Portobello, shiitake and oyster). Rosemary and a good quality butter transform this dish from a side to a star.

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