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How to Use Trees & Shrubs for Privacy & Wind Screening in Your Yard

Posted on: April 16, 2018

Privacy Landscaping in Montgomery County, MD

For those who love landscapes, privacy—and how to get it—is always going to be an important topic. When done well, privacy should enhance your landscape by adding layers, beauty, and style into your overall design.

But we’ve all seen that standard row of evergreens or the concept that starts out as a decent idea and rapidly devolves into an uneven, overgrown mess. How do you avoid that?

Mixed Planting Can Bring Better Results

To understand why, you need to look at the most common downfalls of that row of evergreens. Namely, these are growth diversity, pests, and disease. The Maryland area is a great place to grow, but that doesn’t make us immune to many of the common complications that can kill your plants. In fact, it makes us susceptible to a few extra.

However mixed plantings can be your answer. It’s not actually the unevenness of a screen that is inherently unattractive—just the unevenness of five to 10 of the same tree or shrub. When done smartly, a combination of trees and shrubs—perhaps even on uneven planes or offset at angles—can be visually interesting and give you wiggle room in incorporating your living privacy screen into the overall design of your landscape.

Where Should I Use Privacy Landscaping in My Yard?

Where you place certain elements is just as important as the plants you choose, and privacy shouldn’t always be relegated to creating a prison out of your landscape. It should flow and be attractive, adding interest to your space rather than sacrificing it for the sake of some privacy.

How do you do this? There are some easy ways, and these include:

  • Framing features. Using privacy plantings specifically to cover or add privacy to important areas and focal points is a great way to accomplish your goal while thinking outside the box. Some great examples include surrounding pools and patios, framing out a gazebo, or using fantastic hardscape features as “anchors” for your privacy shrubs and trees.
  • Using angles. Setting plantings on an angle is about as simple as it gets, and it adds lots of visual appeal. Juxtapose a set of spaced cherry blossoms with junipers or cherry laurel and you’ve got your privacy and tons of lasting beauty.
  • Planting clusters. Angles not doing it for you? That’s fine, too! Cluster planting—or planting in clusters of three, four, or five shrubs or trees (or a mix)—can be gorgeous and lends itself very well to the “framing” option we mentioned before.

A Nod to the Evergreen

We’ve been hard on the evergreen in this post, but it’s honestly not the plant itself that’s the problem; it’s how it’s used! Even a standard row of well-manicured trees can be a great option, especially when you use techniques like pleaching to improve the strength of the privacy “fence” while also creating something beautiful.

Call Four Seasons Landscaping to Maximize Your Privacy Planting in Montgomery County, MD

Pool Privacy Landscaping in Montgomery County, MD

We started this all off by talking about a common downfall: the death, desiccation, or uneven growth of privacy plantings. This can be avoided no matter what plants you pick! It’s all in the installation of the tree and the ongoing care it receives. For the best results plantings should be planned and spaced with extreme care, and in accordance with the type of plant chosen.

This is why choosing the right landscaping team is of the utmost importance for your privacy plantings and wind screens. And that is why your neighbors choose Four Seasons Landscaping.

If you’re interested in a gorgeous, fitting, and successful privacy planting for your Maryland yard, contact us online today!

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