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For the Best Landscaping in Maryland, Know What Type of Soil You Have

When spring arrives, the young man’s heart may turn to love, but those of us who have passed that teenage stage often find our hearts turning to landscaping our yards. Thoughts of flowers, bushes, trees and many other ornamental decorations fill the thoughts of those who love to work in the dirt and see things grow.

In order for your landscape design to turn out as beautiful as you want, however, it is necessary to know what kind of soil you have to work with. Knowing this will help you narrow your choices when you visit the Four Seasons nursery to pick the best type of plants for your yard. There are six main types of soil that you may come across. Each lends itself to a different type of plant.

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Types of Soil in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia

There are 6 main types of soil in Maryland and the Washington, DC metro area, which is in part because of the diverse ecosystems and environments. With everything from valleys and mountains to marshes, river lands, beaches, dunes, deltas and bay areas, the soil in Maryland is extremely diverse. What kind is in your backyard?

1. Clay: Clay is a nutrient-rich soil but is heavy and sticky when it is wet and hard when it is dry. It needs extra care taken to make sure any plants have adequate drainage as clay tends to hold onto moisture. This kind of soil works great for vegetables and fruit trees and ornamental plants thrive well in clay.

2. Sandy: Sandy soil dries out quickly and often needs added nutrients to produce good results. It feels grainy to the touch. Root crops love this type of soil, as do many types of greens and strawberries.

3. Silty:  Silty soil is silky and feels like soap. It is great at holding moisture, but sometimes needs to have added elements in order to make sure it doesn’t hold too much moisture. This soil is ideal for almost all fruits and vegetables and is loved by trees such as willows and dogwood. It is also the choice of ornamental grass growers.

4. Peaty: Peaty soil is darker than other soils and is very moist. It also has a very acidic quality and, with proper drainage, is great for peas and a variety of beans. Root and salad crops also do well in this type of soil.

5. Chalky:  Chalky soil normally covers either chalk or limestone and contains more rocks than the other types of soil. It has an alkaline nature that usually requires some added fertilizer. Drainage is excellent. Shrubs such as lilacs do well in this soil.

6. Loamy – Loamy soil is a gardener’s dream. It is a mixture of sand, silt and clay and it has excellent drainage properties. Most plants thrive in this type of soil although the acid needs to be replaced regularly. Cultivation is easy and this soil often lends itself to the greatest results overall.

Softscaping Services in Maryland

No matter what type of soil you have, Four Seasons can design the landscape you want with our softscaping services.

If you need expert advice on your landscaping needs, feel free to contact Four Seasons. Our excellent staff will be glad to help you realize your landscape dreams.

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