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5 Water Features You’ll Fall in Love With

Posted on: June 16, 2017

water features in Potomac, MD

Thinking about adding some cool water features to your landscape? Before you get going, the experts at Four Seasons Landscaping have a couple of great ideas that’ll have you falling in love with the idea all over again!

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Our Top Picks for Water Features in Potomac Landscapes

There’s certainly no shortage of options when it comes to decorating your landscape and adding a new vibe to the space. But water feature installation offers a whole lot of unique advantages, and are particularly adept at creating simultaneously striking and relaxing appeal. For water features in Potomac and the surrounding areas our experts would suggest these.

  • Ornamental ponds. Small and unassuming, these water features can add loads of visual appeal without detracting from your overall landscape design. Our experts recommend using ornamental ponds in supplement to patios and sprawling gardens for an added visual punch that fits right in.
  • Waterfalls. If you’re going for bombastic and eye-catching, you’ll find no better than a waterfall. These can either be pondless and used to frame other major landscape features (we’re fond of using them in conjunction with rock features), or can play the main attraction as a gorgeous waterfall cascading down into your pond.
  • Streams. Streams are a bit unconventional, but they are absolutely awesome for dividing up landscape spaces into “sectors”. This allows for a lot of visual play, making your landscape naturally progress from one design type to another. They can also be used in support of other features for added visual awe!
  • Stone fountains. Fountains are a staple of water feature design, and you’ll see them in countless homes. Want a fountain, but don’t want the same ole water feature in Potomac that everyone else is using? Go for stone or boulder fountains! These are visually stunning, and far more unique.
  • Koi ponds. Koi may very well be the busy homeowner’s ideal pet. They’re gorgeous, easy to maintain, and add a vibrancy to landscapes that can be hard to match even with the most exotic of flora. And a perfect pond design is no slouch of an addition, either, capable of being your trophy piece or a supporting cast member to a larger landscape design.

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Water Feature Design-Build Projects with Four Seasons

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