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When Is the Best Time to Plant Trees in Maryland?

when to plant trees in your yard

When the first hint of spring is in the air, we start hearing this question a lot: “When is the right time to plant trees in my yard?”

Good question! The good news is that these homeowners are right on the money; you should aim to plant your trees in early spring or in the fall. Keep reading for more details on why, and how to best plant your new trees.

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When Is the Best Time to Plant Trees?

tree plantings in Silver Spring, MD

When you’re talking trees, it’s a good idea to get in the right mindset. Homeowners tend to plant saplings, as they are already through the rougher stages of growth, and it’s a quicker way to get your desired result. And where we’re talking saplings, they need one major commodity over anything else: time.

Nutrition, lighting, and soil all play a vital role, for sure, but the sapling needs a safe, secure amount of time to lay roots and establish. This means choosing the right season is critical, and makes your choices pretty simple at the same time.

You want to plant trees in Maryland during periods that are the farthest from temperature extremes, and that goes for heat and cold both. However, it’s summer that is actually the more dangerous season. High heat, less water, and weather extremes are all a risk in the summer, meaning if you plan on planting this spring, it needs to be very early in the season.

Typically, fall actually makes the safer choice for most tree species. Maryland winters, even at their worst, don’t pose much of a threat to a semi-established tree, and with a little preparation, they can take on even the worst a winter in Silver Spring can dish out. That’s not to say that spring is out, it just means that it needs to be early enough in spring that the sapling has ample time before the summer sun becomes overbearing.

Let’s put it to a more specific and easy guide, shall we? You should not plant trees:

  • In the summer, between the months of May through late September
  • In the winter or late fall, from December to February

And you should plant trees:

  • In early spring; best is late March to early April
  • Or in the fall, in October or November

Tree Planting and Nursery Services in Silver Spring, Maryland

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