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Patio in a back yard with built-in stone fire pit, half-circle stone bench and patio chairs

Why You Should Choose Pavers for Patios

why choose pavers for patios in Columbia, MD

Do you have a major outdoor remodeling project on your to-do list this year? If that project involves a new walking path, patio, outdoor entertaining space or an outdoor kitchen, you will need to decide whether concrete pavers or poured concrete is the right choice. At Four Seasons Landscaping, we recommend natural stone, permeable, or flagstone pavers for patios and other outdoor projects. Here’s why.

Creating an Attractive Pattern with Pavers Is Easy

As you create your ideal outdoor space, one factor to consider is the overall look of the space. Poured concrete gives a uniform look to your walkway or patio, but with pavers you are able to create intricate designs and attractive patterned. This makes it easy to make an outdoor oasis that showcases your tastes.

Pavers for Patios = More for your $$

pavers for patios Concrete can crack, tilt, and even collapse, causing you to replace the whole thing. When pavers get cracked, it’s usually easy to simply replace the paver. Paver patios (and driveways, walkways, and other paved areas) also increase your property value, and considering the low amount of maintenance, that means you get a lot of bang for your buck!

How expensive your pavers are depend on the type of stone. For example, flagstone and travertine pavers are typically more expensive than concrete or permeable.

Pavers = Easier Maintenance

pavers for patios

When a paver is damaged, all you need to do is replace that one damaged portion. When it’s time to clean the pavers, simply rinse away the grit and grime with your hose, then sweep sand into the joints if needed. If something happens to the ground and sand underneath the paver, just lift it out of place and fix the problem. It really is quite simple to keep your pavers looking great.

Pavers for Patios Offer Increased Strength and Durability

Finally, pavers for patios are a great choice because they are strong and durable. The manufacturing process for pavers automatically molds the aggregate, so that the finished product is quite durable. Pavers have joints which can expand and contract with the seasons, so they are able handle changes in the weather without breaking or buckling. These paving stones are designed to last around 30 years, so you will get quite a bit of use before you have to think about upgrading or updating. In fact, many homeowners tire of the style long before they need to replace their pavers.

If you are creating an outdoor kitchen, updating a patio or considering building an outdoor fireplace and need seating around it, pavers are the logical choice. Their beauty, durability and longevity combined with easy maintenance make them a superior option for your project. If you are ready to get started installing pavers for patios, contact the Four Seasons Landscaping Team today.

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