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Patio in a back yard with built-in stone fire pit, half-circle stone bench and patio chairs

Choosing the Right Material for Your New Backyard Patio

Your backyard patio is a place of peace. A place of gathering, and the number one part of your home where your individual personality can shine its best. Knowing this, it is Four Seasons’ number one goal to make sure you get exactly what you want out of a patio project. Knowing the what and why of patio planning gives you a leg up on creating the perfect backyard retreat of your dreams. And where better to start than with the material that will be the central basis of your design?   

So of all the types of materials available for your new patio, which should you choose? Read on to discover the answer, and contact us for your own patio installation!

Brick Patios

Brick is a traditional mainstay for a reason, offering a distinct aesthetic that is malleable and diverse, with a flair of opulence.

Pros of a brick patio:

  • Diverse. There are hundreds of possible patterns when using brick, giving you plenty of viable options for your unique design.
  • Handsome. The appearance of brick is well known, and lends well to contemporary or traditional patio designs.
  • Low-maintenance. Brick is a durable, easy to work with material that also allows easy replacement.

Cons of a brick patio:

  • Rough. Material may not be the best for patios that will feature a lot of accoutrements. Though this is rarely an issue, it bears mention.
  • Centerpiece. If you do not wish your stone patio to be the central spot of notice in your patio, brick may be forgone for a simpler material.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is the definition of unique and distinct design, with options like flagstone, slate, limestone and bluestone, there’s something to suit any taste.

Pros of natural stone patios:

  • Unique. Though natural stone lacks the diversity in patterns that brick offers, it makes up for it with unique colors and shape. Natural stone is the most distinct of the patio materials.
  • Durable. The strongest of building materials, stone is easy to clean and outlasts other similar materials.
  • Smooth. Natural stone offers a soft, clean surface that complements ‘busier’ patio designs.

Cons of natural stone patios:

  • Costly. Since it is mined and cut, rather than produced, natural stone is more expensive than other materials.


Concrete is the proverbial blank slate of the stone material world, offering a wide range of designs and options to fulfill your patio dreams.

Pros of concrete patios:

  • Cost-effective. Concrete is the least expensive of all of the materials, letting you save room in your budget for other amenities.
  • Canvas. The world is your oyster with concrete. Ideal for laying tile, or complex patio furniture plans.
  • Simple repairs.

Cons of concrete patios:

  • Design-dependent. Without appropriate planning, a concrete patio may end up dull or uncharacteristic.

Patio Installations In Maryland

The experts at Four Seasons are ready and waiting to help you in building the patio of your dreams. Contact us with any questions you may have about patio materials today and let us get started in helping you!

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