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How to Choose Your Garden’s Color Scheme

Posted on: July 22, 2017

garden color scheme yellow

Been doing a little landscaping in Rockville but stumped about what to do with your garden’s color scheme? If so we’re not surprised in the least. Tackling color is one of the most discussed, debated, and stressed over landscaping decisions. But today, you’ve got the team at Four Seasons Landscaping on your side.

For perfect hardscape and landscaping in Rockville you can trust Four Seasons Landscaping to help you build your dream garden. Contact us today to find out what our local landscaping team has got to offer!

Great Color Schemes for Landscaping in Rockville

contrasting color plantings

Looking for a couple fresh ideas? Here are a few of our favorites for landscaping in Rockville for summer 2017:

  • Going basic with complimentary colors. Complimentary colors are ones that are opposite of eachother on the color wheel. They tend to be exceptionally eye-catching when paired together side by side—it’s why Christmas colors look so good together even though they oppose.  This phenomenon can be utilized to great effect in gardening for a really vibrant and alive feeling space.
  • Monochromatic color schemes. Monochromatic schemes tend to be very appealing in a much softer sort of way than complimentary ones. Where a complementary scheme aims to be vibrant and attention getting, monochromatic ones tend to just feel natural and comfortable. Monochromatic schemes use shades of the same color, such as pinks and reds and purples. Very good for relaxing garden spots.
  • Blending color schemes. Gardens that blend are ones that gradually shift on the color wheel. For example if you’re starting with a nice passionate red, the next flowers or shrubs might be purples gradually shifting into blues, and then on and on as much as you like. These tend to be very interesting when used sparingly, and make for great accents.

Why Is Choosing Color So Hard?

colored flowers in garden in Rockville, Maryland

It may be a bit contradictory, but color is hard because it isn’t hard at all. The problem is that color is hugely subjective, no matter what a designer might say. Ultimately this is your garden and your rules. If you don’t like complimentary color schemes then you just don’t. But this is difficult because of how open-ended it is. When we’ve got no ideas or direction, we just don’t know where to go.

This is why you work with a landscape designer, rather than just give them free reign. The best designers are ones that can take into account your interests and tastes and help you develop something you’ll fall in love with over and over again. They have the training and insight, you have the vision and dream.

Garden and Landscaping in Rockville with Four Seasons

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