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A beautiful backyard firepit area surrounded by seating and a stone bench

Choosing the Right Material for Your Fire Pit

Posted on: August 23, 2016

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Cozy Up This Fall with a Brand New Fire Pit!

Looking for that perfect addition to make your fall landscape “complete”? No matter how you use your yard there is one feature that speaks to everyone. Fire pits! A fire pit embodies everything our team loves about fall. Rustic cooking, warm fires on a cool night, snuggly family moments. We can’t wait!

So when is the best time to install your fire pit? Now! Your first step is to choose what material you want. They all have different qualities, so choose carefully!

Choosing Your Fire Pit Materials

The versatility and availability of materials for fire pits is part of why our team thinks they’re so fun. We love installing fire pits. It’s always fun to see what a client can think up, and it’s even more fun to provide the thing you want most! But which material should you choose? They’re all gorgeous, and they all provide unique benefits!

  • Natural stone. Natural stone like granite or slate makes for a sturdy, visually appealing fire pit that can handle a lot of flame. We often suggest stone and brick for larger fire pits, as the material is easy to customize and tends to hold up well for larger fires. Plus natural stone is great for options-within-options; there are lots of visually-appealing stones to choose from!
  • Brick. Timeless, dependable, and always welcome. Brick is always a favorite! Choose traditional red brick, or earthier tones to create a welcoming and beautiful rustic fire pit that everyone can enjoy.
  • Cast iron. Sturdy, strong, and corrosion-resistant, cast iron is awesome for using a fire pit for warmth. Because of how they retain heat, a cast iron fire pit gives off a lot of that wonderful, bone-warming heat that everyone craves on a chilly fall evening.
  • Copper. Copper has quickly becomes one of the most often used and widely sought-after materials for fire pits. The metal brings all of the same benefits of cast iron, is incredibly durable, and is basically corrosion-proof. But that’s not all. Copper is unmistakable among materials for pretty much anything, and its uniquely gorgeous luster makes for one very, very attractive fire pit.

Fire Pit Installation in Maryland with Four Seasons

At Four Seasons Landscaping, we always want our clients to get the absolute best. The best materials, the best services, and the best results. That’s why we always work so hard to ensure we meet all of your unique tastes and needs! Thinking you might want to install a fire pit for your Maryland home? We think that’s an excellent idea. To learn more, or to set an appointment to install a fire pit for your home, contact Four Seasons today!

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