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How Do I Landscape a Hill or Slope?

One of the trickiest undertakings in landscaping is figuring out what to do with hills or slopes in your yard. Fortunately, at Four Seasons, we’re experts in helping you cope with your slope.

Landscaping on a hill or slope takes precise planning. You’re going to want to make sure you factor in:

  • How your yard drains
  • How you typically use your yard
  • What type of plants you want in your yard
  • What look you want for your yard

Of course, we can help you figure these things out. And once you’ve come up with the plan for your yard, it’s time to decide what you want in your yard. Some of the best hardscaping elements for your hilly yard include:

  • Retaining walls. These are perfect for especially steep slopes.
  • Terraced gardens. A terraced garden is much like a retaining wall, but it incorporates a layered effect with softscaping and plantings.
  • Rock gardens. They are perfect for if you want a terraced garden but don’t want to handle the upkeep of plants.

To learn more about Four Seasons’ landscaping services for hills or slopes, contact us today!

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