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Transform Your Pool Area into a Lush Tropical Oasis with These 10 Flowers

When you’re designing your pool landscape, you don’t want to forget to include a colorful flower selection. Adding flowers and plants can transform your pool into a lush tropical oasis, while providing privacy and softening the hardscaping to create a more natural look. Different types of flowers can have a drastic effect on the overall appearance of your pool area, much like different lighting in your home will change the ambiance.

But how to choose? When incorporating flowers into your pool landscape design, you’ll want to choose ones that are clean—that is, they don’t scatter seeds and leaves that could end up in the water. You want to enjoy relaxing around your pool, not cleaning it!

Below are ten unique flowers that bring luxury and color to your pool landscape design

For a Tropical Pop of Color, Choose These Flowers for Your Pool Landscape

  1. Hibiscus
  2. Bird of Paradise
  3. Agapanthus
  4. Fortnight Lily
  5. Daylily
  6. Canna Lily
  7. Bromeliad
  8. Siam Tulip
  9. Million Bells
  10. Hydrangea

Four Seasons’ Maryland Flower Nursery

There’s no reason you should have to pick the flowers for your pool landscape alone. At Four Seasons, we hand select our pool flowers from a variety of growers to ensure the highest quality, choosing them based on your pool’s aesthetic, the local weather, and your personal preferences. We even have our own nursery that contains a beautiful collection of flowers. To learn more about them, contact us to schedule a visit to our Damascus nursery! We only select plants from growers who share a climate that closely matches our own. This way, the plants are not overly stressed during transportation and will thrive in your yard.

Four Seasons can help you create a luscious, tropical escape or simply help you put the finishing touches on your pool landscape design. To learn about our selection of flowers,contact Four Seasons today!

*All photos courtesy of Wikipedia

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