Landscape Lighting in Silver Spring, Maryland

Spending time outside in your yard is a great way to pass the time when the weather is nice—and in the summer, your back patio/deck and yard make the perfect place for both entertaining and casual evenings. And what better way to accent your yard than with landscape lighting?

Not only can the right outdoor accent lighting design bring a beautiful new landscaping project (patio, deck, walkway, retaining wall, etc.) to life, but it can also highlight shadowy, dark spots in your yard, reducing safety hazards and allowing you to extend your outdoor parties long into the night.

For a decade, Four Seasons has been providing landscape lighting installation to homeowners throughout the Silver Spring, Maryland area—from Long Branch to White Oak. If you’re interested, we look forward to helping you!

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting for Your Silver Spring Home

Although halogen bulbs have been the norm for a long time, LED lighting has gained a lot of popularity over the years and has now phased out halogen lights. The biggest benefit of low-voltage LED lights is the work required—none! You don’t need to change the bulbs. High-quality LED fixtures that are installed correctly should not go out. Using little electricity and very cost-effective, low-voltage outdoor lighting can be found in many yards today.

Landscape Lighting Installation in Silver Spring

The professionals at Four Seasons can install lights anywhere you want:

  • In retaining walls
  • In trees
  • Along fences
  • Lining steps or walkways
  • Lining driveways
  • In gardens
  • In and along waterfalls and ponds

The light fixtures we install are very durable and made of solid bronze or cast aluminum. We also have the landscape lighting design experience and expertise to ensure the best results. We’ll make sure the lighting design is balanced and symmetrical and your yard is safe and attractive.

Four Seasons has a lot of experience installing low-voltage outdoor lighting in yards throughout the Silver Spring, Maryland area. If you’re interested in landscape lighting installation, contact us today!

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