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The Four Seasons Advantage

At Four Seasons Landscaping and Nursery, we provide top-quality landscaping and design services in Maryland at very competitive prices. We’ve been in business for more than 17 years, and our strong reputation guarantees you that your job will be done right the first time. So, before you choose your landscaping company, make sure they measure up!


As you embark upon your project but BEFORE you sign any contract, the first order of business is to make sure you check your contractor’s Maryland Home Improvement License. Your landscaping dreams can quickly become a nightmare if your contractor is working without this mandatory license. Every reputable landscaping company has one. Don’t get stuck working with an illegal and sub-par landscape contractor. There are several hurdles that a company must clear before being granted a Maryland Home Improvement License. While it’s not necessarily a guarantee that your job will be done right, it does afford the homeowner a certain peace of mind that their contractor has met the state’s necessary requirements to do business in the area.

Four Seasons’ Home Improvement License number is 87579


Does your contractor protect you with liability insurance of at least $1,000,000? If not, you should think twice before hiring them. When a contractor’s fails to carry the appropriate insurance, it’s usually because they’re trying to cut corners and save money. Well, what happens when one of their workers gets injured on your property? YOU can be sued for the cost of the medical bills on your homeowner’s policy. Or, if the contractor damages your home, you may not be able to collect money for the damages. Always ask the contractor for a current copy of their insurance coverage – you may be very glad you did!

For your protection, Four Seasons carries over $1,000,000 in liability insurance. We’ll be happy to provide you with our current certificate of insurance!

Qualified Personnel

Does your contractor sub-contract the work, thus leaving questions about who will actually be doing the job? Or do they have their own trained and experienced crews? Sub-contractors can be good or downright terrible – and for you, the homeowner – it’s almost impossible to tell until the job is underway. And by then it’s too late! Make sure you know exactly who’ll be doing your work.

We not only have our own highly experienced crews, but most of our crewmembers have been with us since we started the company. This ensures that the quality will be there on every job.


For how long does your contractor guarantee the work?

Four Seasons guarantees all hardscape installations for five years. That is unmatched in our industry. We also guarantee all of our plants for one year with a no questions asked warranty. Your project will look fantastic – we guarantee it!

Project Management

Does your designer continue to work with you and manage the project after they sell it to you? Or do they turn it over to another individual or company that you’ve never met before? What happens if changes occur? How will another person know about all of the details communicated during the design process?

At Four Seasons, not only do the owners of the company do all the designs and sales, they manage the projects after they sell them as well. We see the project through from start to finish. Our reputation is on the line with every project we take on. We’re not about to let anything fall through the cracks.

Plant Selection

Do your contractors have their own nursery for you to see the plant material before you sign a contract? And can you hand select the actual plants you want?

Four Seasons has their own nursery, and you are encouraged to visit prior to the start of your job and select the actual plants you want. We set up a private appointment with you and will explain all of the types of plants we stock. We often hear stories about people who see nice pictures of big, beautiful plants when their landscaping project is sold to them – only to be extremely disappointed with the quality of the planting that are placed into their yard. Don’t let this happen to you – come and pick out your actual plants and trees from our private nursery.

Four Seasons Ahead of the Competition

At Four Seasons, we take extreme pride in keeping ahead of the competition and being a recognized leader in the landscaping industry. In addition to designing and building beautiful home landscapes, our company strives to deliver peace of mind and unparalleled customer service. We are always available to answer any questions you might have. Contact Four Seasons Landscaping and Nursery today to experience industry-leading professional landscaping in Maryland.

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