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Is Your Garden Lacking Color in Late Summer? Incorporate These 5 Flowers into Your Landscape Design for a Bright August!

Are you concerned you’re fighting the clock to get the garden design of your dreams in bloom before the season ends? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled our pick of 5 late-blooming perennials that will supply your garden space with color and flair late into the summer.

Living in Maryland places us in hardiness Zone 6 (Or to be more exact, Zone 6b). Hardiness zones essentially tell us what plant life thrives in our region, and our zone six is perfect for a slew of gorgeous perennials that will bloom and flourish year round!

Need more than a few tips and ideas to make your garden design pop? Contact the experts at Four Seasons Landscaping for complete garden plantings and landscaping!


Commonly known as Blue Mist Shrub or Bluebeard, Caryopteris is a gorgeous flower that thrives in your landscape. The deep green of its woody foliage contrasts gorgeously with the bluish purple of its blooms. Caryopteris grows very hardy in our zone, and will see healthy bloom anywhere between late spring all the way to the first frost of fall and winter.


Though not native to North America, Agastache, or Hyssop-Anise, is an adorable blooming perennial that provides gorgeous bloom from midsummer to fall. It thrives in our area, and makes an excellent lure for butterflies and hummingbirds! The distinct, tall stems make a gorgeous hold for the dainty bubblegum pink  and purple blooms that are pleasantly aromatic.


An extremely versatile flower, Phlox carries well over forty variations in height, color and depth, and reaches the peak of its bloom in late summer. Owners of Phlox are rewarded with a veritable carpet of lush, vivid flowers that make an amazing accent or can stand alone.


Commonly called a Daylily, gardeners around the world enjoy these positively stunning blooms from mid to late summer. They grow quickly, and despite their dainty appearance, are exceptionally hardy, growing well in all soil types available in our zone. The flowers create a star shape made up of typically six petals, with a daily bloom. With literally thousands of registered cultivars, any homeowner is bound to find a color and breed that suits their garden design.   

Iris Germanica  

The Iris is a mainstay of many a gorgeous garden design, with its showy blooms and mild temperament that continues to find its voice late into the summer months. Iris plants are at their best as a complement to more eclectic garden designs, as they play well with others and are available in a myriad of colors.

Garden Design in Maryland

It’s never too late to build the garden of your dreams, and the experts at Four Seasons are here to help you along the way. Contact us, or keep up with our blog for more tips for your garden this season! 

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