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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Installing Pavers in Rockville

Posted on: September 20, 2016

With the rush to finish summer and fall home projects, we’ve been seeing a lot of poorly-installed pavers in Rockville. Thinking about installing pavers? Read on to find out which mistakes we see most often, and how to avoid them!

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The Top 3 Paver Installation Mistakes We See in Rockville

  1. Not enough proper drainage: If your pavers don’t have enough drainage, the water will pool on the surface of the pavers.
  2. Not enough/improper filling: Not only is the right kind of sand or filler necessary, but so is being extremely detailed in the application.
  3. Bad location: Clearly you don’t want to install pavers on a steep or uneven ground, but did you know picking the right location is also about the soil? Your soil varies in your yard, and there are certain soils, like clay, that don’t mix well with pavers. Do your homework, although the company you choose for paver installation should be on top of it all.

One Mistake to Ruin Them All

There is one main mistake that trumps all the other mistakes: installing pavers yourself, especially if you have zero experience. Don’t get us wrong, DIY is a really cool concept that allows homeowners to learn new skills and get really hands-on with home improvement. Overall we think it’s a great idea.

It’s just that there are certain projects DIY fits really well, and there are projects that can quickly become a nightmare when even minor mistakes are made. Namely, and proper to the topic, installing pavers in Rockville is a pro-level job!

Why Can’t I DIY A Job Involving Pavers?

We certainly don’t intend to tell anyone what to do and not to do. But we can come up with some really, really good reasons why DIY paver installation is a poor choice. When you try to go it alone, you risk:

  • A botched job. Paver installation isn’t brain surgery, sure. But it does require some pretty specific planning and flawless execution. Without the experience and understanding required, you stand a really large risk of making a critical error. A single, even tiny mistake can throw off the whole project, wasting your time and money in a hurry.
  • A massive increase in overall cost. Many DIYers go solo in an attempt to reduce the cost of the project. But in reality, DIY is usually considerably more expensive. Experienced DIYers actually already know this; you pay a premium for hard learning! Wasted time and money through mistakes can double, or even triple the cost of your project right off the bat, and no one wants that!
  • Paying too much for materials. There are three major benefits to working with experts. One, the design team has all of the experience needed to help you build the image you want precisely. Two, master craftsmen can precisely build your project to your exact specifications. And three, we have connections! Professional landscape businesses have connections to major vendors and suppliers, meaning we can get the same amount of pavers you can get, but for a fraction of the cost.

Contact Four Seasons for Your Pavers in Rockville

No matter where you’re putting pavers, they do a fantastic job. From driveways and walkways, to full on patio installations; the design and build team at Four Seasons Landscaping love to work with this material!

Want your project done, done right, and done at a comfortable price? Trust the team at Four Seasons Landscaping! We’ve been providing the best service and quality to Maryland homeowners for years, so contact us today to get started building the landscape of your dreams!

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