Modular Block Retaining Walls

Do you need to install a new retaining wall in your yard? In hilly or sloped yards, retaining walls are often necessary for soil erosion purposes. Although they are a necessity in many yards, retaining walls are a great landscaping element and can visually enhance your entire outdoor living space.

Modular block, or segmental block, is one of the most popular types of retaining walls—in fact, you’ve probably seen one in your friend’s or neighbor’s yard. If you want one in your yard in the Montgomery, Howard, or Frederick County, Maryland area, Four Seasons has you covered. We offer retaining wall landscaping services for homeowners all over the area.

About Modular Block Retaining Walls

Segmental block retaining walls consist of masonry units that are placed without mortar and rely on their mass as well as interlocking to prevent sliding and overturning.

Compared to other types of retaining walls, modular block retaining walls are:

  • A cost-effective choice for homeowners.
  • Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, providing more aesthetic and design flexibility.
  • Durable and resistant to insect damage, rotting, freeze-thaw cycle effects, etc. If a shift occurs (which happens naturally), they also don’t crack as easily the way poured concrete does.
  • Versatile—segmental block retaining walls can easily be curved or straight, meet unique layout needs, and can be built for both residential projects and larger commercial ones.
  • Easy to install—laying units without mortar allows for faster wall construction.

Retaining Wall Design & Installation in Maryland

At Four Seasons, we both custom-design and install retaining walls. We also understand that your retaining wall needs to do more than just look good! Our professionals pay special attention to all the details, particularly drainage and freeze-thaw cycles, to make sure your retaining wall will last for a long time.

If you want a modular block retaining wall in your yard, contact the Maryland landscaping professionals at Four Seasons today!

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