Outdoor Brick Fireplaces

Building an outdoor fire pit or fireplace this season? During the chillier months of fall and winter, who doesn’t love to curl up by a fire, roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories or play games? If this sounds like you, an outdoor brick fireplace may be just what you need!  If you’re in the Montgomery, Howard, or Frederick County, Maryland area, Four Seasons Landscaping & Nursery can help you build the best fireplace for your home.

Brick Fireplaces are Durable

Do you want a fireplace that will last a lifetime? Brick is one of the sturdiest materials you can use,and it retains heat extremely well.  At Four Seasons, our team knows how to build a brick outdoor fireplace that is not only strong and reliable, but it also tailored to your personal style and welcoming for all your family members and friends during the colder season.

Brick Fireplaces are Great Investments

Looking for a way to amp up the value and curb appeal of your home? It’s a buyers’ market, and today’s home buyers look for unique perks that differentiate a property from other listings. An outdoor brick fireplace is a great way to set your home apart from others when you decide to sell.

Brick Fireplaces are Versatile

Brick fireplaces are surprisingly customizable. Whether you have a traditional or a modern home, we can help you create a brick fireplace that matches the style of your house. When designing your fireplace, consider the:

  • Overall shape – Depending on the shape of your yard, patio or deck, you can choose either a circular or square brick outdoor fireplace. You want to choose a shape that accentuates your outdoor space and makes sitting around the fire comfortable for your guests.
  • Color – Red,white, gray, tan, brown, pink – bricks come in a variety of colors. Whether you want a subtle fireplace that blends in with your space or a bold fireplace designed with patterned bricks, nearly any look is possible!
  • Size– Do you want a small fireplace for your family to enjoy? Or is a larger outdoor fireplace leading to a kitchen and outdoor entertainment area more your style? Regardless of your choice, Four Seasons can help you design a brick fireplace that fits your needs.

If you’re thinking about updating your outdoor living space, don’t overlook the advantages of a brick outdoor fireplace! Schedule a consultation with Four Seasons and take the first step towards the outdoor fireplace of your dreams!

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