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Necessary Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance To Do Before it Snows in Potomac

Posted on: October 31, 2016

outdoor fireplace in potomac

Outdoor fireplaces in Potomac are one of the greatest companions you can have on a cool, comfortable fall evening. The gentle warmth and dancing firelight are downright mesmerizing, and we would challenge you to find a more awesome way to catch a nap. But winter is on the way, and it’s nearly time to retire your outdoor space for the season. Do you know how to prepare your fireplace or fire pit for winter?

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Winterizing Your Outdoor Fireplaces in Potomac

Don’t fret, these tips are quick and easy to perform, and they pay you back ten times over. Maintenance for your outdoor fireplace in Potomac can preserve its functionality, making it last much longer, and stay gorgeous while doing so. To winterize your fireplace, be sure to:

  • Do a thorough cleaning. Clear away any leaves or debris that may have made its way into your fireplace or firepit, and be sure to clean out any residual ash and soot. This not only means your fireplaces and fire pits are ready to go next season, but will also keep rot from forming, which would create a nasty surprise in the spring.
  • Clean grates and metal surfaces. Char and other materials that tend to stick on your fireplace will harden over time, not to mention stain the metal they’re attached to. To preserve beauty and avoid chunks of mess next season, use a stiff brush to scratch away any gunk.
  • Cover sensitive materials. You want to avoid moisture that may form from frost and ice on both metal and porous surfaces. Water thawing and freezing on stone, for instance, can create cracks that will eventually tear huge gashes in your firepit or fireplace. To avoid costly replacements and repairs, be sure to use a chimney cover that absolutely blocks precipitation as well.
  • Consider a professional chimney cleaning service. Over time, your furnace’s chimney or flue will accumulate creosote, a potentially harmful substance that should be cleared away before it gets too thick and can begin offgassing harmful substances. For maximum safety and the best results, seek professional service once a year; twice if you use your fireplace all year long.

Fall Tips and Services with Four Seasons in Maryland

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